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    Go up and see

    Go up and see
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    I’m not!! Pete is in the treehouse

    I’m not!! Pete is in the treehouse
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    Episode 2 [MEDIA]

    Episode 2
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    Stop filtering "k" to "ok" (please)

    Free “K” Free “C”
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    Rejected Monolith (4 teams)

    This map is going to be rejected as unfortunately it does not fit the aesthetic nor gameplay goals of Athios SnD maps. Some detrimental aspects of this map include: The bomb placement, being surrounded by wall blocks and having a platform that is completely void makes it quite difficult to...
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    wilson requests

    Please draw Canadian Wilson
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    Introducing ourselves

    Previously known as KINGLOUIS_, I found SD from Bajan Canadian, and then devoted my life to it. I’m interested in PVP, and I like to place blocks. I was privileged enough to build the Athios lobbies. Can’t wait to see what Athios has in store!
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    Vote Links

    Nice to see the voting positivity! For our discord members you can type ?vote to get all the links sent to you!
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    Week 1: Discord, Maps, and Updates

    This post was approved by //cyl jungle wood planks 6000 Also I’m glad I got to work on some of the older maps :)