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    Kit Kit: Bloodmage (Sacrificial + Bleeder Rework)

    A rework/merge of two kits most of you probably know: Sacrificial and Bleeder. I’ve toyed around with their unique qualities to come up with a practically new kit. Kit Name: Bloodmage Kit Icon: Shears Kit Description: A master of manipulating the lifeforce of others—they are able to create a...
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    Kit Kit: Sniper (Rework)

    Ahh yes, definitely shouldn’t be critical arrows if that’s the amount it’s dealing. I also think it would deal less Dmg than 15 HP due to SnD’s damage calcs being very different from Vanilla (I’d expect around 10-12 HP to be a good amount). If I still overshot it, downgrading its bow Power 4...
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    Spring Update

  4. Mythless

    Kit Kit: Sniper (Rework)

    A rework of the old Sniper kit—a ranged kit that had the ability to headshot (instakilling) players if its arrows travel 100+ blocks; also had limited arrows if I remember correctly. Here's the rework: Kit: Sniper Icon: Eye of Ender Description: An archer that comes with a very potent bow and...
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    Testing Complex 8

    Map Name: Complex 8 Map Authors: Mythless, Elite5, and Dave_X Description: An urban skirmish breaks out within the noise of a high-crime metropolis... "Welcome to a mere sector of Fenix Metropolis—home to many bustling lives, an industrial business complex, and a blazingly high crime rate...
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    SnD Character Drawing Requests

    Absolutely love this!! Great job onett :>
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    A Few Questions for the Community

    If we’re talking old vids, my own YouTube channel was created originally for RWF (2.0) shenanigans—you can find them as some of the earliest uploads. It consisted of edited skits in addition to a tribute video for the server when it closed. I think there’s even a full 2 hours of raw, unedited...
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    SnD Character Drawing Requests

    Aaah good ol Onett drawings, feelin a little nostalgic. I think at this point you’d know which kit I’d like to be drawn in now 👀 go ham with the creativity Or alternatively: Myself channeling my inner Burstbird—a rare extinct species that once flew through the skies of Athios
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    Rejected Mushroom Forest

    The theming of the map looks pretty good! And the soul sand valley biomes really adds to the atmosphere. I got some few things to comment on that y'all could look into: Base - Bomb Room: I feel the block choice here seems to be way too busy; all of these textures stretched across the room...
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    Accepted Boreal Crest [v2.2]

    Thanks for the feedback Smal! I do have a comment on one thing you pointed out: The bombrun time: I actually was already aware of its length (roughly) and purposefully made it similar to the main path's length. The broad reasoning behind it is to funnel most of the usual activity towards the...
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    Accepted Boreal Crest [v2.2]

    Map Name: Boreal Crest Author: Mythless Description: "Atop the highest mountains lies a mystical tundra—mere spectacles under the ethereal arctic lights." IMAGES: I explain each screenshot shown in detail, so ideally you should view these images on the host image website! I took all these...
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    Kit Kit: Vegan

    Kit Name: Vegan Kit Icon: Carrot Description: "A sustainability-oriented fighter with a weapon that can inflict Hunger and Nausea on its foes with every strike—halting them from naturally regenerating health. They also occasionally receive carrots that can instantly replenish a small amount of...
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    Medic Mana Rework

    I think I'm having the same opinions as @Woaxa, in that I love the changes just not the pvp part of it. I get what you're trying to do with the mechanic, but it just conflicts too much with the kit's main objective. Instead, I think something that correlates with its supportive role will do...
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    Mega Suggestion Thread

    Completely agree with all the general suggestions, more QoL changes are always nice to have. For the kits: I don't really think I can comment on every one of them as I'm not too familiar with them to give some credible feedback, so for now I'll just talk about two kits in particular: MEDIC...
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    Boom town poll

    The map’s design pretty interesting in my opinion with a theme we dont have quite a lot of (Wild West/Mesa style). I quite enjoyed the path variety where I’d either choose to rush through the town or the train tracks at the start of the game especially. The only aspect I didn’t like about the...
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    Kit Kit - Blaster (With Visual Presentation!)

    This concept is sort of a re-do of a kit I have previously suggested in the past, which also shares the same name as this kit. Just a little FYI. Kit: Blaster Icon Gunpowder Armory: This armor set is intended to feel similar to Burst's armor, which is basically the kit's parallel. Just...
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    Kit Kit: Wind

    The kit seems a bit... underpowered... I think there should be something else with it. Here’s my idea: Instead of holding the glass pane, the user is given a stack of sunflowers. When it is rightclicked on the surface of a block, it spawns a sunflower. Any player that tries to pass through it...
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    Revamps and New kits have been lackluster

    Yeah, I'll admit that these new kits/revamped kits, albeit interesting in concept, aren't really effective in what they do, mostly explained by your points. Porcupine should still be weak to Melee--that's just the tradeoff for its niche. But because it should be effective against bows, I feel...
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    Accepted Tashic Ruins

    Map Name: Tashic Ruins Map Author: Mythless Description: "An ancient race of creepers—known to the world as the Tashics—created mysterious structures with treasures sought after in legends. Athion Year 20XX: Two opposing treasure-hunting factions have both discovered and awoken the wrath of...
  20. Mythless

    Accepted Absolute Balance - A Cloned Balance Remake

    Map Name: Absolute Balance Map Authors: Mythless & Elite5 (Original by RetroSpectrum & Ataraxiom; Inspired by WetUnderwear) Map Description: "The world as we know it bends its laws around everlasting balance... four civilizations refute its will, as they attempt to destroy the inevitable loop of...