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    for building? always

    for building? always
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    Disaster 7 New Disasters Ideas

    There's a ton of posts about new Disaster suggestions so for ease of anyone interested in seeing all the ideas, I put them in the spoiler below. I've seen some duplicate ideas, so this might help: As for your suggestions, the only one I really like is extended game time because I don't really...
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    Testing Inferno

    Change "Nether Invasion" to "Nether Comes Home"
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    Testing Inferno

    Name: Inferno Author: Espios Description: *DOOM music intensifies* Flood Start: 5 Flood End: 35 Images Download
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    community colab map

    it says it expires 11/6
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    community colab map

    can i join too? i'll need like a 20 x 15 polt
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    Accepted Iron Works

    Heya, GG on getting into testing! I noticed that the water doesn't have a lot of ways to get out of it should you fall in. I can only count the two sewers on one end and the drydock opening with the chains. It was tough with killer bees chasing me trying to find a way out. I would make the...
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    Testing [ Wetn't ] 3 Team Map

    trees have been given fresh new cut
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    pretty eye gang 👋

    pretty eye gang 👋
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    Rejected mars

    I agree with Sav! I like the space theme you've been going with. But I think this will need some work before it's ready for testing, just like she mentioned. In addition to what Sav said, you compared this map to Sakura Valley on Discord, which has a range of 55y to 22y (with a difference of 33...
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    *tiny* idea for increasing revenue

    I think making VIP more enticing in ways like this is a good idea! Would streams be limited to Athios content only? Or any game?
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    Survival Gamemode

    I love this idea, but have a way to expand on it. Minerbat above had a simliar suggestion, but I want to make it even bigger. Obviously we'd have a custom spawn/safe zone. And some custom structures would be cool too, sure. But what if the entire world was custom? Custom trees, structures...
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    Accepted Iron Works

    This is a really cool map! I vaguely remember this one from RWF and I love the improvements you've made on it! The map you made with the invisible item frames is very intuitive, it's awesome !! So are all of the little pieces of equipment across the map I don't have many real complaints. I...
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    Sure thing! In your inventory, you'd spawn with 10 jungle leaves like this: When you place some, they'll automatically have vines on all 4 sides (so that they can be climbed): EXCEPT when there's a block already in the place where one of those...
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    I really like this kit! I would say that barricader was designed to be a defensive kit for, well, barricading, and because of that it's ability to make new paths like you described can be somewhat limited at times. That being said, this is really the first kit that creates new routes in this...
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    Testing [ Wetn't ] 3 Team Map

    4 months later... we have an update! Added cacti and some better ground cover around the border of the map to make it seem less dull Changed the bases slightly to have one more entrance. Also removed the vines leading straight to the bomb, since players can easily skip the entire base and reach...
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    Kit Postmortal

    Name: Postmortal Icon: Totem of Undying Gear: Full iron, Iron Sword, fuse, Totem (totem of undying) Description: A supportive kit that will channel your lifeforce to a teammate in life, by giving them your health, and in death, by allowing them to live on postmortal. Details: This is intended...
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    Rejected Solar Feud

    This is a REALLY cool idea! I love the props you have scattered around the map like the UFO, the buggy on the bases, and what looks like a tiny ISS. Two problems I see with this map are how easy it is to fall into the void in a large majority of the path. I see that there's 2 paths to get to...
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    Some SnD ideas

    There's so many suggestions posts floating around the forums so I'm just going to add this one here: As a perk of VIP, include a, say, 20x20x20 platform in hub that whenever a VIP walks onto, they get put into creative and can build whatever they want inside the square (minus some obvious...
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    Some SnD ideas

    100% agree with achievements revamp. I'd also like to see some more achievements added than just "Do 5k, 10k, 20k, 25k hearts of damage with ______". All the kit achievements share something similar to this. Some wacky and super difficult ones would be kinda fun to chase, like "travel 5000...