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  1. Onett

    Thoughts on Athios

    Epic Minecraft Research below: I mentioned that survival was probably the best option and after looking around a bit, a lot of the information I've found seems to support that decision. I decided upon 3 categories that are important for a gamemode's advertising potential Demand Audience Niche...
  2. Onett

    Thoughts on Athios

    I'm happy to see some discussion going on about this, it really felt like this topic was avoided for way too long despite it being one of the most important things to talk about Overall, it seems like we can all agree that SnD can't be used for advertising unless big changes are made to it. I...
  3. Onett

    Thoughts on Athios

    Since most of what I've written above is based on facts and logic (epic), with few concrete examples, I figured I'd include an example to help prove the points I make above The recent player peaks As many of you probably remember, we've had two major spikes in player count, largely thanks to...
  4. Onett

    Thoughts on Athios

    It's been more than a year since this server has launched and in light of that, I think it'd be a good time to give my incredibly important and 100% true opinions on what has been going on with the server. Overall I've noticed there hasn't been much discussion about this type of stuff (server...
  5. Onett

    SnD Character Drawing Requests

    Its here, enjoy 🤝 I'll also include some further elaboration about the story/characters in the following spoiler so feel free to read that if you are interested: [/SPOILER] Sadly, very few make it out alive.
  6. Onett

    Disaster 7 New Disasters Ideas

    yea this pretty much sums up why disasters isn't good for retaining players like the disasters offer different challenges but they all always boil down to the same thing pretty much. I definitely agree that adding PvP disasters would help make the game a lot more fun and interactive. Despite...
  7. Onett

    New Minigame Idea

    Kits: There are many kits available for both Hunters and Speedrunners. As you may have noticed, the power-ups I mentioned above allow for different playstyles and builds, which I want to encourage further by putting the power of customization into the hands of the player instead of forcing...
  8. Onett

    New Minigame Idea

    Map Types: As stated previously, there will be 3 different map types available to play, which each represent a different dimension in Minecraft. The purpose of this categorization is to present players with a variety of gameplay scenarios that closely resemble those seen in manhunts often, to...
  9. Onett

    New Minigame Idea

    With the recent performance of Disasters, I've started to think of ways to get more players onto the server even quicker. The gamemode was definitely a step up above SnD in terms of its contribution to server growth, but personally I think we could do better. I believe one way to do this is to...
  10. Onett

    *tiny* idea for increasing revenue

    any game is fine probably Also, it would be nice if boosters got it too, since they're also supporting the server
  11. Onett

    Survival Gamemode

    Especially with the recent resurgence of the Dream SMP and Minecraft SMPs in general, this would definitely be great for marketing if advertised properly I don’t play too much survival so I don’t have much to add but one thing that might be cool is seasonal events based on Minecraft time (1 day...
  12. Onett


    I think its a good idea, i agree with his reasoning too
  13. Onett


    interesting idea, I definitely agree that Barricader's ability to create new paths in the map is a really cool part of the kit, but also pretty underrated since other aspects of the kit outshine it. I think 1 small change that would be nice is making it so if you break one vine within a row of...
  14. Onett

    Some SnD ideas

    ye i was also a big fan of his suggestions, hopefully they get implemented Woaxa mentioned the idea of giving each archer kit limited arrows/reduced fire rate, but I think i'd be interested in trying this idea first, since it's easier and simpler. Definitely agree, I think that would be a...
  15. Onett

    Some SnD ideas

    just want to clarify that by "give every kit a special ability" I mostly meant just kits that don't have anything special about them i.e. longbow, shortbow, ninja These kits do have unique characteristics but they are 100% vanilla, so I think adding something to them would be nice. Even if a...
  16. Onett

    Some SnD ideas

    I figured I'd put all of these down here so it's easier for everyone to see General Suggestions: Replacing 2 team map poison with nuke: imo, every game that goes to poison feels like it has at least like 1 or 2 minutes of time near the end where absolutely nothing is happening, which isn't...
  17. Onett

    Rejected Spirited

    Small Update: -Removed Nuke -Adjusted/cut down on Directional Banners -Patched up a few things aesthetically I ultimately decided against making any gameplay changes to the map, I'd rather see how it does in it's current state. Download Link...
  18. Onett

    Server Ideas For Athios

    I agree 100% with referral system. imo 5 people might be a bit much to ask from the average person so I'd say maybe refer like 3 people for a month instead. You could also have a system set in place to make sure you can't refer yourself to alts As for VIP, I think just extra creds would be...
  19. Onett

    A proposal on how to grow the server

    Since some changes were made to the server after this post was made, I thought I'd make an update here to reassess the plan I proposed, given the server's current state. I'll also be going over my experience helping advertise the server, since I feel that is a very important aspect of the server...