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  1. Onett

    Thoughts on Athios

    It's been more than a year since this server has launched and in light of that, I think it'd be a good time to give my incredibly important and 100% true opinions on what has been going on with the server. Overall I've noticed there hasn't been much discussion about this type of stuff (server...
  2. Onett

    New Minigame Idea

    With the recent performance of Disasters, I've started to think of ways to get more players onto the server even quicker. The gamemode was definitely a step up above SnD in terms of its contribution to server growth, but personally I think we could do better. I believe one way to do this is to...
  3. Onett

    Some SnD ideas

    I figured I'd put all of these down here so it's easier for everyone to see General Suggestions: Replacing 2 team map poison with nuke: imo, every game that goes to poison feels like it has at least like 1 or 2 minutes of time near the end where absolutely nothing is happening, which isn't...
  4. Onett

    Kit Kit Shaman

    Name: Shaman Kit Icon: Black Candle Desc: An offensive support kit that provides support for its team from afar. Use its warding candles to keep watch of your base or for any nearby ghosts. Armor: Leather Helmet (Dyed Black) Leather Chestplate (Dyed Purple, Prot 2) Iron Leggings (Prot 1) Gold...
  5. Onett

    Kit Kit Sniper (Revamp)

    Kit Icon: Spyglass Description: I agree Kit geer: Full leather armor Fuse wood sword Crossbow (named: sniper rifle and infinity enchant and power 70) arrow <---<< using the new spyglass, the crossbow can be scoped in when you shift. in order to be accurate you must not be moving. The...
  6. Onett

    Rejected Spirited

    Spirited By: Onett_ Map Description: A battle of the bathhouses... Based on Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki I'd highly recommend that you guys download the map and look through it in-game, as the design probably seems more perplexing than it really is when you can only look through a select...
  7. Onett

    Kit Kit Leech

    Icon: Fermented Spider Eye Desc: A deceptively tanky kit that can heal itself with its lifesteal sword and lock down enemies with its crippling dive ability. Armor: Iron Helmet Iron Chestplate Iron Leggings Leather Boots (Dyed Red, enchanted with Protection 2) Gear: Fuse Wood Sword...
  8. Onett

    Kit Kit Valkiryie

    Desc: A tanky melee fighter which is able to deal damage in an area around itself with its powerful battle axe, at the cost of its speed. Armor: Iron Helmet Diamond Chestplate (Protection 1) Chain Leggings Iron Boots (Protection 1) (Similar to Burst's Armor) Gear: Fuse Valkiryie's Battle Axe...
  9. Onett

    Kit Kit Alchemist

    Desc: A support kit which specializes in long-range support thanks to its impeccable aim and strength with which it can throw its potions. Armor: Gold Helmet Leather Chestplate (Dyed Purple) Gold Leggings Gold Boots Gear: Fuse Stone Sword (Knockback 1) 3 Alchemist Potions (Splash Potion of...
  10. Onett

    A proposal on how to grow the server

    It has been made clear to me and many others within the community that Athios' growth since its debut has been... subpar. We have seen few new players and even fewer new players who have stuck around. It is saddening to see this. But I believe there is still a way to "save" Athios, even with...
  11. Onett

    Kit Kit Duelist

    Description: A unique fighter which dual wields swords. It's arsenal of weapons and abilities makes it a very versatile fighter, however it specializes in 1 on 1 combat, as with precise timing, it can rack up a combo and deal massive amounts of damage. Armor: Iron Helmet Leather Chestplate...
  12. Onett

    A Few Questions for the Community

    Hey guys, I'm currently working on a search and destroy documentary which will cover the entire history of the SnD gamemode, from EoE all the way up to now. I'm making this thread to ask you guys for some help/input...
  13. Onett

    SAD Pack v1.5 (Texture Pack)

    Here's a custom texture pack I made just for Search and Destroy (aka SAD) Here are some cool things that are featured in this pack: Animated Fuse Texture Animated Pearl Texture Minimalist Hotbar and Inventory GUI Landmine Retexture (To make them easier to spot) Low Fire Custom Weapons Custom...
  14. Onett

    GTA: San Athios

  15. Onett

    SnD Character Drawing Requests

    I haven't drawn much recently partly cause of school (but mostly cause im lazy), so I think taking some requests from u guys on forums would be a good way for me to get back into it. In a reply below, provide your ign (so I can look at your MC skin) and the SnD kit you would like to be depicted...
  16. Onett

    Kit Kit Drifter

    Kit Icon: Lantern Kit Description: An offensive support kit that can disorient enemies from afar with its slow-moving, explosive spirits. Spirits drift along in a straight line until they hit a block but they can also be detonated manually. Be warned, these spirits pack a punch! Armor...
  17. Onett

    kit sacrificer!!!6!!

    shout out to cutbone for suggesting dis idea for a kit idea for a kit that should be play able on Athios as an SnD kit!!!!!!! thank you cone bone for letting me use ur iydea. i hope your Brane starts working agan soon! 1 like = 1 prayer :( 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 @Cutbone also thank yeou to @bvyans for...
  18. Onett

    Summer Nights: Ninja Montage

    we back B)
  19. Onett

    Porcupine Buff

    Porc is pretty underwhelming right now. As of now, it feels like your main utility comes from your very high projectile protection, which can be useful for tanking arrows for your teammates. While porc was definitely meant to be an anti-bow kit, I feel like it should also be able to use the...