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  1. MinerBat

    Submission halloween maps

    i made halloween versions of my maps. just change them for a week of so, all power up locations and everything is the same so it shouldnt be too hard.
  2. MinerBat

    Rejected Fallen Kingdom

    Title: Fallen Kingdom Author: MinerBat (based on song by captainsparklez) Description: I used to rule the world, chuncks would load when i gave the word! One minute we had it all, next our world began to fall... images: start: 79 32 34 on diamond power ups on sponge: 79 35 45 on stair 79 55...
  3. MinerBat

    Rejected nostalgia

    this map is themed around early minecraft versions! i actually generated a piece of minecraft alpha terrain and converted it to 1.16 (with a few in between steps) name: nostalgia author: MinerBat description: Our time machine worked good. maybe a bit too good... (tip: turn on old textures)...
  4. MinerBat

    Rejected mars

    name: mars author: MinerBat description: Earth has been destroyed by disasters. Maybe on mars we are safe? start location: 74 71 63 (emerald) flood start/end: 45-80 power ups (marked in sponge): 66 61 39 in plant dome 39 58 38 in center of big crater -2 81 22 in starships cargo bay 26 72 77...
  5. MinerBat

    Accepted Jurassic park!

    name: Jurassic Park authors: MinerBat description: scientist go to the old jurassic park to research dinosaurs. but they discover there are more dangerous things on the island... does this video serve the purpose pictures would have? flood start/end: 38-53 start location: -25 44 -16 where the...
  6. MinerBat

    community colab map

    I want to organise a map building thing where we build a map together and we all build our irl house. how to join: 1. you can join in a reply on this thread or by sending a message containing @MinerBat on the discord 2. tell the size of plot you want (for example: 20x30) in blocks. depending on...
  7. MinerBat

    Disaster a handfull of suggestions

    in my opinion there are 3 factors that define how fun a disaster is to play: 1: the amount of damage it does to the world like meteors or thunder. it is also nice if damage builds up over time (unlike floor is lava for example which reverts) 2: the amount it forces you to move from shelter to...
  8. MinerBat

    feedback on every disaster i have something to say about

    these are just my opinion, you dont have to agree. if i dont talk about a disaster here that means im happy with it (or i havent had it happen to me enough time to find an issue with it) in my opinion there are 3 factors that define how fun a disaster is to play: 1: the amount of damage it does...
  9. MinerBat

    what map idea is the best?

    jurassic park hospital medieval castle generic city airport theme park please tell me which idea i should build as a disaster map
  10. MinerBat

    Disaster disasters

    as i tell in this thread: i have made a very similar gamemode 3 times using redstone and command blocks. so here are all the disasters from those 3 minigames. there is a good change that at least some of these you already have, but i didn't look...
  11. MinerBat

    Testing space center map

    Some backstory to this map: I used to play on Grians minecraft server on the disaster minigame. but that server closed. it was the only minigame in the entire history of minecraft that i ever enjoyed playing... over the years after that i have made 3 attempts at recreating this gamemode for...