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  1. Cutbone

    Something I just noticed..

    They've been lying to us...
  2. Cutbone

    Allow Remote Teleporter to Break Certain Teleporters

    Currently, teleporter is able to break both of their teleporters with their remote teleporter. It would be beneficial to the kit if they were able to break a certain teleporter that they had placed. My suggestion would look something like this, although I'm sure it could be prettier. Red wool...
  3. Cutbone

    Reenable AFK Timer for SnD ONLY

    As some of you may know, there used to be an AFK timer that would kick you if you were AFK for 5ish minutes. This was applied to the gamemode of SnD, and in the main lobby. This was removed recently (thank god) in the main lobby but was also removed from SnD. While I do think the AFK timer...
  4. Cutbone

    Minecraft Boom Boom Attack

    Shoutout to the bombers themselves: @Waves, @Lexplosion, @cyber700, @Leprechauns.
  5. Cutbone

    Skinner Rework

    This thread is looking at how skinner's ability works, and how it could be changed in order to make the kit more viable in games. The way that skinner currently works is strange. According to @Smalusion, you have been in close proximity to someone (from the other team) when they die. This...
  6. Cutbone

    Make Spies Show up in Alphabetical Order in Tab

    In the picture below, @Elitemaster5 is the spy. The tab list sorts by alphabetical order which starts with numbers 0-9, then underscore, and then the letters A-Z. As you can see he is way out of order on tab, and it's extremely easy to tell that there is a spy in the game if you're paying...
  7. Cutbone

    Reduce Horizontal KB on Burst when they're Airborne

    If you've ever seen a burst jumping from tree to tree, it's likely because they're jumping and shooting their bow, essentially propelling themselves in a specific direction. Right now because of the new knockback system, when you take any amount of damage when jumping, especially if you've been...
  8. Cutbone

    Disable Anti-AFK in Main Lobby [Resolved]

    We can no longer hold our seats on the council. For real though, it boosts the server player count, and we have had many great talks as a community over the past couple of weeks in the main lobby. (You could make an exception that players who have been kicked for AFK in the SnD game also have...
  9. Cutbone

    What are your Favorite Songs Right Now?

    Just post your favorite song/songs on here. I'll start. (Be sure to link them)
  10. Cutbone

    Bring Back Item Kills

    Just for the lols. They're fun and kinda act like trophies. (I had more but I deleted my .minecraft folder in 2016 so this is all I have)
  11. Cutbone

    Kit Chanter Rework

    Kit Name: Chanter or Enchanter Icon: Enchanted Book Cost: 2500 Achievement Points (Permanent Class) Gear: Golden Helmet (Protection 1) Golden Chestplate (Protection 1) Golden Leggings (Proj. Protection 1) Golden Boots (Proj. Protection 1) Stone Sword (Knockback 1) Two Protection 2 Books Two...
  12. Cutbone

    [Request] Make a thread that shows the current map pool and also archives all unused maps

    The title speaks for itself. This can be helpful for remembering maps, and being able to know what maps we can expect in-game. Thread should either be ran by staff members, mapmakers, or very active players in the community. Note: I know that the most recent announcement has all the new maps...
  13. Cutbone

    [Nerf] Remove Some Blast Protection from Pyro

    Demo pad did 2 hearts Burst arrow to the face did 1 1/2 hearts Trigger did 1 (1 1/2 with fall damage) Max explosive grenades did 5 1/2 hearts Explosive RPG to the face did 1 heart also wtf trigger was at full health. Edit: Only remove blast protection from the helmet and the chestplate...
  14. Cutbone

    List of classes that should not be able to be bonded with sacrificial

    All of these classes can currently be bonded with a sacrificial: - Juggernaut - Burst - Medic - Dwarf El momento de bruh! please prevent this from happening.
  15. Cutbone

    PSA about Juggernaut

    Juggernaut can be healed by medics like just normal classes and can be bonded to a sacrificial. Juggernaut has 30 hearts and has over 90% damage reduction and still comes with a stone sword which kills a lot faster than you might think. I get it's supposed to be a tanky class in nature, but...
  16. Cutbone

    [Buff] Venom needs a couple of slight changes

    Venom is a situational class that can really help your team out during group fights and can be essential in taking down juggernauts and dwarves. Ultimately though, it is marketed as an offensive and hit and run class, and in its current state, I would say that it isn't very good at its job. I...
  17. Cutbone

    Create an option to buy more than 1 month for a kit.

    Pretty self explanatory. The kit menu currently looks like this. Make left click for 1 month (how it is now), and right click for more buy options. Also make the price scale down in cost for every three months bought by around 5 - 6%. Just something that looks like this. I know it's not...