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  1. Setery

    Rejected Mushroom Forest

    Map Name: Mushroom Forest Authors: Setery, Cutbone, _SavageSniper, Colninja, Eremilion Special Credit to Eremilion for designing all the mushrooms. Link to their post: Map Description: A once tranquil forest has begun...
  2. Setery

    Awareness of how Burst works

    How it's supposed to work: There does appear to be a bug with distance to the player not making a difference on damage, charging the bow doesn't seem to make a drastic difference (doesn't appear to scale and this scaling could be a bug, but it technically "works"), the head seems to be the...
  3. Setery

    Another Medic Suggestion

    I think medic should get a different sized healing pool based on the size of the game (this is not an adaptive game size, this is the size of the game based on the start, it will not change based on how many are alive during the game). Small games: 0-15 players Medium games: 16-33 players Large...
  4. Setery

    Medic Mana Rework

    My proposal to reworking medic is to have the exp bar range from 0-100 A heal from a medic will cost 20 mana (meaning at full charge, 5 heals) The mana regen will be 2 mana per second (variable to change based on feedback) which = 1 heal per 10 seconds However, medics can gain 10 mana every...
  5. Setery

    Mega Suggestion Thread

    This will be a mega thread for kit balancing and other suggestions, pick and choose what you want to talk about, or talk about all of these, I don’t care either way. KITS Medic: -This kit can singlehandedly tilt the balance of a team by existing. When 1 team has no medic or has 1 less medic...
  6. Setery

    First to 100 messages GG

    I know no one asked.
  7. Setery

    Venom Sword Buff

    Venom should get a gold sharp 2 poison 1 sword so that it gets 6.5 damage on hit. This helps it in 1v1 scenarios and increases dps. Also it looks way better thematically than a iron sword.
  8. Setery

    Knockback Still Needs to be Addressed

    If I recall the knockback has not changed since that one update for it. We still have ghost hits (not the kit ghost) where you don't take damage but you still take knockback from that hit. We still have inconsistent issues where some people are not taking that much knockback like they should.
  9. Setery

    Addition to Combat Log

    Can we see damage we dealt to other players?
  10. Setery

    Death God Change

    Suggestion: I think the ability for non targets to see scythe should be reverted so that only the death god's target can see the scythe. Also make death god line of sight for draining a soul (doesn't apply to things like tall grass only solid blocks) Final change is to give instant health on...
  11. Setery

    Hub Fishing Suggestion

    Introducing a new way to spend time in the hub through.... Fishing! Why introduce fishing? This is a great way to spend time in the hub while waiting for SnD games to fill. There will be a leveling system and reward system for dedicated fishers. Athios fishing will be vastly different from...
  12. Setery

    Revamps and New kits have been lackluster

    Imo all the new kits and revamps have not done the job they were supposed to do. Porcupine is still very weak to bows, it's not a counter at all, and dies easily in a 1v1 melee (essentially a free kill). The only kits that would struggle against this are kits like Paladin. Vampire relies on...
  13. Setery

    Unpopular Balancing Ideas

    All bow kits (minus Longbow and Arbalist) need to be reined in: -Shortbow Power 2->Power 1 -Burst Explosion damage reduced -Pyro Flame 2 -> Flame 1 Ghost should be removed, not because it's unbalanced, but because it makes gameplay extremely unfun for visible classes without access to fire. 90%...
  14. Setery

    Off Topic Discussion Shouldn't Appear in Latest Threads

    Currently as it stands now I believe that the off topic section is doing more harm than good as it floods the latest threads that generally would promote a community discussion. Suggestions and general discussion are more important in terms of usefulness to the server as these threads are...
  15. Setery

    Teleporter Change

    Instead of using teammates for remote teleport, instead I think making the remote teleporter work on line of sight would be better for functionality and ease of use. How it would work: The teleporter would be placed on the block that the user is looking at, there will be some requirements to...
  16. Setery

    Let players see chosen kits

    In the original Redwarfare, there was a point in time where you could see what kits people were going. I'd like for this feature to return as some kits can be opressive if their counters are never picked in a game. This is not to say those said kits are OP or broken, this will just enable...
  17. Setery

    I own every kit

    Other than barricader of course.
  18. Setery

    Teleporter Nerf

    In my opinion Teleporter is probably the most unbalanced kit in the game. Luckily for the majority of us, essentially no one plays it. Teleporter should not be able to teleport the most immobile kits in the game: Juggernaut and Dwarf. These kits are not meant to be mobile in the slightest and...
  19. Setery

    Minecraft 1.8 Style Damage Calculator Ver. 1.0

    *I thought this was the best section to put this, but if a mod needs to move it to the right section, go ahead* I have developed a tool for doing Minecraft 1.8 damage calculations. Search and Destroy uses (or is supposed to use) Pre-1.9 combat. This is a great tool for determining how effective...
  20. Setery

    Arbalist QOL Buff

    Currently the timer for Spectral arrow only starts when you fire the arrow. I think Arbalist's Spectral Arrow timer should start as soon as they load the arrow into their crossbow. This suggestion is mainly for 2 reasons To help counter ghosts as the crossbow arrows do not stick into targets...