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  1. Hyacinthos

    Submission Aristos Achaion

    Name: Aristos Achaion Author: Cali Ghost Gang: Hyacinthos, MysticWonders, Bayzel, Katielette, & leviathiniticus Description: After the death of Achilles, the Aristos Achaion, Odysseus commissioned a city in his honor. The great city Aristos Achaion was built on the land between Troy and the...
  2. Hyacinthos

    Halloween Athios Art Contest

    Here is my entry! This is a super awesome contest and I had lots of fun making this video with my friends! Hope y'all enjoy it! 👻
  3. Hyacinthos

    Introducing ourselves

    Hello! My name is Hyacinthos, I used to go by the name “SirAnzoategui”. Like many people here I’ve been playing since Eye of Ender as well. I’m ghost gang all the way! However, I do enjoy playing other kits sometimes. I used to play SnD non stop until the server shut down. After RWF’s fall I...