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  1. Dave_X

    Testing Mines of Moria

    We've made an update to Moria, with the following changes: Alternate route added to bypass gatehouse Ladders removed from gatehouse Gatehouse second level raised up Bomb moved from tree Banners/lanterns added for extra color/light Small route to mushrooms added for Josh Instead of getting stuck...
  2. Dave_X

    Rejected Mushroom Forest

    Hey guys, This is mostly a repeat of what was said above, but in its current state the map isn’t ready to be put into testing. Again, a key issue is that the majority of this map's aesthetic is being carried by work that isn’t your own. Taking inspiration from Eremilion’s builds is fine, but it...
  3. Dave_X

    Rejected Mushroom Forest

    Hey guys, Prior to official map judging I wanted to pass on these thoughts about the map. It’s a pretty unique theme, a good twist on the usual nature/forest maps and utilizes many newer blocks. That said, my immediate concern is that one of the main features of the map, the custom mushrooms...
  4. Dave_X

    Rejected map?

    Thanks for the submission Rick, but we'll be rejecting this map. The extreme amount of entities makes it very laggy, and the map itself is essentially just a 5-wide tube. An SnD map should adhere to the guidelines found here:
  5. Dave_X

    Rejected Overgrown Path

    Hey NotReallySure, Thanks for the submission, unfortunately we won’t be accepting this map. The majority of this map is very small and straightforward, without many interesting gameplay elements. The alternate cave route is cramped, making it less ideal for pushing forward. Your latest updates...
  6. Dave_X

    Boom Town

    Hey tababysuper and Laddoss, We will not be currently accepting this map, however I think that with some changes this could be one of the best maps on the server. Here are the reasons we won’t be accepting the map: The bases are cramped. Even though they are more open then they initially...
  7. Dave_X

    The Bleeder

    Really well written! I like the formatting at the end as well, great job 😀
  8. Dave_X

    Athios Soup

    I will add a small wooden box that may or may not contain a spider. The box itself is unremarkable, except that it may (or may not) contain a spider. If pressed, all I will divulge is that this box could possibly yet also possibly not contain a spider. The wood of the box is made of maple (and...
  9. Dave_X

    Rejected Mount Doom

    Hey SirDodgy! This is a really cool looking map but gameplay-wise we have some concerns, so we’ll be rejecting this map for now. The approach to the base, both above and below routes, is extremely narrow and straight. Archers and explosives would certainly dominate here. The base itself is...
  10. Dave_X

    Rejected Outlaw's Mayhem

    Hey Spicy, thanks for the map sub. Unfortunately we’ll be rejecting this map, but hopefully this feedback helps. Aesthetically, the map isn’t very appealing. Buildings are very simple in shape, and most of the surfaces are smooth and made of just one block type. The pathway mix you’ve chosen...
  11. Dave_X

    Athios Maps (oh wow more data ooooo)

    I love me some data collection. To help with visualization, here's a chart: Key (See Triggs' descriptions above) RED - Arena BLUE - Route oriented YELLOW - Base oriented PURPLE - Tiered This chart also includes the new maps being added with today's update. A few interesting takeaways...
  12. Dave_X

    EU4 Nation vs Nation - Athios Players as Countries

    How am I even still alive lol
  13. Dave_X

    Accepted Bonsai

    Congrats, we’ll be moving this map into testing! That said, a few things we noticed: 2 tall vegetation at bomb room (bad for PvP) Dark spots near pandas Lots of random leaf blocks. Meant to be bushes? Hard to tell. Stone blocking path out of authors room We’ve fixed the 2-tall veg issue, but...
  14. Dave_X

    Accepted Voyager

    This map has entered the testing phase, well done! Not much else to say. As said in the other post, we’ll be watching how it’s received by the community, but make sure to take your own notes as well. If you have any updates or changes on the map, you’re free to message them to us directly.
  15. Dave_X

    Rejected Trench Warfare

    While this map looks pretty decent aesthetically (very cool tanks!), the gameplay on this map is very similar to the gameplay we have on various other maps. Additionally, the trenches/tunnels are very cramped and unpleasant to fight in. At the present moment, this is just not the type of map we...
  16. Dave_X

    Accepted Voyager

    Hey SirDodgy, a few quick points I noticed while looking around: The map in incredibly dark inside, you should add more lights in the central areas of large rooms. There aren't any places to call in supply crates since all ceilings are solid. The ice planet immediately melted because of the...
  17. Dave_X

    Reduce some redundancies in SnD and Add an Interactive Tutorial

    I agree a tutorial would help the learning curve a lot. To that end, I've made a very short tutorial vid to help new players! Let me know what you think and how in-depth future videos could go.
  18. Dave_X

    EU4 Nation vs Nation - Athios Players as Countries

    I played a ton of Muscovy so I'm very happy with my placement
  19. Dave_X

    Accepted Busy Bazaar v2 (4 Team)

    I'm personally a big fan of the desert Arabian theme, so great to see more maps branching out in styles! This map also has quite a different feel from the others, with the large amount of cover and branching routes. I particularly appreciate how much attention you gave to each building, so that...
  20. Dave_X

    Rejected Monolith (4 teams)

    Hey tababysuper! We think this map could use a few edits before moving into a testing phase. In particular, the map feels very cramped and the straight lines make it easy for archers to shoot. Attempts to dodge are dangerous due to the low walls next to the void. Aesthetically the map is also...