3 Days until launch! Additions/Changes that will be featured!


May 14, 2020
Happy Tuesday!

The purpose of this thread is to go over what features and changes you can expect to see on Athios, and believe me, it's more than just small changes! These changes reflect what has changed since RWF 2.0.
  • Wraith can now see enemy HP
    • Many have communicated that wraith in its current state is underpowered, and the role of wraith is not clearly defined. With this change, it will provide a better idea of what wraith is supposed to do and help your experience as you play.
  • Landmines buffed
    • Landmines now do 100% more damage than previously
  • Removed map voting
    • The same 7 maps are played too often! This will balance out the rotation of maps and prevent the same ones we always see.
    • Lobby time has decreased to 30 seconds (was 60)
    • Explore time has increased to 60 seconds (was 30)
  • Warper now has gold boots (was iron)
  • The SnD Lobby and main hub have been changed! Courtesy of @Starken
  • Teleporters have been changed to honeycomb blocks
    • This is to make them stand out better
    • In the process of updating, infested blocks became instant-breakable, this alleviates that as well.
  • A nuke now appears at the center of maps when the game has gone on for too long!
  • 4 team maps only appear when 40 players or more are online.
  • Medic can heal infinitely, but has greater time in between heals.
  • Sacrificial can only hold bonds within 15 blocks of itself, be sure to protect your warrior!
  • Supply crates from killstreaks will now kill your foes! Be strategic when dropping them!
  • Added kit Arbalist
    • Adept at the crossbow, the arbalist can pierce through its enemies. Every 20 seconds, it can use a special arrow that turns those hit into glowing targets, crippling their defense!
    • This kit is equipped with a crossbow (Quickcharge 2, Piercing 4) that can mark enemies with its spectral arrow, given 20 seconds after use. When an enemy is marked, it only glows to the enemy team (the victim will receive a message in chat!). While this enemy is glowing, the Arbalist's allies can deal 40% more damage to them!
    • 150 Credits
  • Added kit Barricader
    • A defensive kit equipped with blocks that will gradually hurt nearby enemies. Those who break the blocks will be set ablaze!
    • Equipped with a stone pickaxe, grass (4x), oak planks (4x), stone (2x) and cobwebs (2x) this kit can place blocks that do damage to enemies in a 5 block radius! (1 heart per second) When its barricades are broken, the breaker will be set on fire. Barricades are marked with particles the color of the enemy team.
    • Map Maker only kit
  • Added kit Marine
    • A master of the seas, this kit has the ability to maneuver through water like no other.
    • Equipped with a trident, the marine is an expert with water! This kit will be able to riptide, do more melee damage, and increased mobility (depth strider) while in water. Outside of water, the Marine can throw its trident which refreshes every 2 seconds.
    • 100 Credits
  • Added kit Trigger
    • An offensive kit with a powerful sword, armor, and the ability to detonate, dealing major damage at the cost of its own life. This power comes at the price of instability. If a trigger moves too much or too little, they will go unstable and explode!
    • This kit has the ability to blow itself up! At will! At the beginning of the match, you will have 15 seconds of a grace period to do what you like. Run, don't run, who cares! Be careful afterwords, because not moving at all or moving too much can trigger the deadly bomb on your chest! Of course, you can trigger this bomb whenever you like, and its damage will reflect how much health you had!
    • 250 Credits
  • Added kit Burst
    • Find yourself shooting arrows, only to see no excitement? Well with burst, you finally get to see that happen! Shoot an arrow, it explodes on impact! Be careful, as your fingers are fragile and can't handle the extreme danger these arrows hold.
    • Shoot exploding arrows! Take damage when you do!
    • Cannot be healed by medic
    • 150 credits
  • Added new maps (Round 0)
    • Skywood Wars (Revamp) by Team Fenix
      • This map is a revamp of the original Skywood Wars by MadOliveGaming. Complete with aesthetic features from updates, nicer trees, and better gameplay! Also has been debugged!
    • [REDACTED] Laboratories by Lexplosion
      • Complete with an eerie story of what happened at these infamous labs hidden in thick swamps, we have no clue! All we know is that human remains have been found, still encapsulated, are they alive?
    • China's Heaven, Ishras, Zenith have made a return!
    • Courtyards has been touched up
  • New COSMETIC System
    • Cosmetics can be purchased in the shop for points (ooooh..... need to know how to get these? keep reading!)
    • The shop refreshes daily
    • There are 5 different shops per day, this means that the pool of cosmetics is different for everyone over time! Everyone is assigned to a different shop every day.
    • Cosmetic types include Particle, Aura, Disguise, and Custom Death Messages. There will be 1 cosmetic available per category every day. You may purchase a maximum of 3 cosmetics every day.
    • These death messages will appear when shot by an arrow, killed with melee, pushed off a cliff, or pushed into the void! This ensures that you won't risk losing information in game.
    • VIPs can buy Aura, Disguise, and Custom Death Message cosmetics, regular members can purchase Particle cosmetics.
  • New ACHIEVEMENT System
    • Achievements! They're here!
    • Different 'tiered' achievements for every kit, as well as for generic categories as well!
    • Regular, 1-off achievements that are harder to obtain.
    • These achievements reward points based on their difficulty and how long it takes to get them!
    • Scrolling achievements
      • These achievements 'scroll' meaning once completed, you will get a new one! There is no maximum to how many you can complete.
This is the large bulk of items that have been changed/added, maybe there are other changes in as well? Achievements and Cosmetics will constantly be added after launch, and we are looking for suggestions! Be sure to use the suggestion forum for that.

Be excited!


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May 25, 2020
  • 4 team maps only appear when 40 players or more are online.
  • Medic can heal infinitely, but has greater time in between heals.
These changes alone have me excited! I always loathed playing 4 team maps with few players. (Though I could stop that sentence after "maps" as well). Also, it was frustrating in the past being medic and feeling useless after awhile on spam maps, so I can't wait to try out the medic change.

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