Disaster a handfull of suggestions


May 13, 2021
in my opinion there are 3 factors that define how fun a disaster is to play:
1: the amount of damage it does to the world like meteors or thunder. it is also nice if damage builds up over time (unlike floor is lava for example which reverts)
2: the amount it forces you to move from shelter to shelter like gray goo. something like acid rain where you mostly just find a shelter and wait it out is not very exciting
3: the amount of skill and strategy over luck. death cubes and ice spikes are quite luck based

so i try to keep in mind with these suggestions that they should have at least 2 of these factors

name: firestorm
hint: dont get burned
description: simply the firestorm grians server had. magma blocks fall from the sky and then they slowly spread. they start fast but get slower, but new ones keep falling. the damage of magma blocks should be increased because vanilla doesnt give that much damage and you can crouch on them

name: termites
hint: they eat the floor, so keep moving
description: another fun one from grians server. blocks around you randomly break and silverfish spawn. you have to move or too many blocks get eaten

name: volcano
hint: get away from it
description: somewhat similar to the nuke in that it tries to keep you away from a certain area. a volcano spawns and it slowly grows. it spits out fire, lava and exploding fireballs but the damage get bigger the closer you get to the volcano and the more time passes. but no place on the map is entirely safe

name: eartquake
hint: dont stand under blocks
description: blocks that have air blocks under them (except bedrock) have a change of falling down and dealing major damage when you get hit. you also get shaken around which limits movement

name: bombardement
hint: we are under attack!
description: TNT blocks fall from the sky. they explode a few seconds after landing. the difference with meteors is that you have time to see them and get away, and the explosion is smaller, but there are more of them

name: tsunami
hint: get to a high location
description: the tsunami comes in a big wave about 30 seconds after the game starts. if you get hit you are instantly dead. it is lower than the flood though, and it breaks blocks. (instead of flood which only fills air blocks)

name: flying creepers
hint: aw man...
description: there are flying creepers! they ride invisable phantoms so they behave like phantoms. if you are inside some will blow up the wall and ceiling to let their friends in

name: herobrine invasion
hint: he must not see you
description: a lot of the classic minecraft mobs spawn (zombie, spider, skeleton and creeper) and they attack you. herobrine also spawns and flies around. he has a glowing effect so you know where he is, but if you get in his direct line of sight (including through glass blocks) you die instantly. he also blows out fireballs which dont do major damage, but enough to break a few blocks and potentially see you

name: black hole
hint: strong gravity
description: a black hole spawns somewhere in the map and pulls you in (similar to wind). the pulling get stronger as you get closer, and also as the hole grows in mass. it grows in mass by pulling in blocks around it and eating them. the hole moves over the map very slowly.

name: death beam
hint: the sun is a deathly laser
description: a death beam appears above each player. if you get hit you get damage. you can block it by standing under blocks. it breaks blocks based on their blast resistance. you are safe a few seconds under blocks, but then it destroys them. if you run in the open you can outrun it, but it will get you if you stop or move at walking speed.

name: melting
hint: get low
description: the opposite of flood. the highest blocks of the map "melt", then the next one and so on. if a block melts it breaks. it stops at the same level the flood would so if they both happen then only the tops of blocks at the flood level are left. if you get close to melting altitude you catch on fire.

name: sandstorm
hint: get inside
description: each 30 seconds an 101x101x1 blocks thing of sand spawns above the map and falls down. it is hot sand so it does damage. you can find shelter inside, or on a block that breaks sand (like slab or torch)

name: hunger games
hint: may the odds be ever in your favor
description: i dont like pvp disasters. grians server had at least 4 of them i can think of (slaugter, assasin, serial killer and werewolf) and maybe more i forgot. 1 pvp disaster would be cool, but not more, and that would probably best just be "generic kill everyone or get killed". everyone get an iron sword and pvp is turned on

name: hungry plants
hint: nomnomnom
description: "hungry plants" are moving leaf blocks that go through blocks and try to get you. they are not fast so you can outrun them, but they go through blocks so you cant hide from them. they give you damage

name: lava rain
hint: lava rains from the sky
description: each few seconds a lava source block spawns above the map and starts to flows down. they build up over time. fire is turned on so it can burn through wooden ceilings

name: tiny sinkholes
hint: they are so cute!
description: 1x1 sinkholes appear over the map and they go to the void. more of them appear over time. this would make it so annoying to navigate the map

name: angry eggs
hint: angry birds before they are born
description: this but they break blocks and get madder over time (including TNT):

those are a lot of suggestions, hopefully there is something good in there. 2 other suggestions that arent disasters but would be cool in game

please be able to break glass (not death cubes, just glass)

give players a change to choose the disasters (still only 3, if they choose 1 or 2 the other ones are still random). this would increase player engagement and fun. here is a suggestion for how to do this:
have a 25% change for a random player to get to pick the disasters. or 75% change for random. if he doesn't choose then they are random anyway.
if a map is played and the builder of the map is playing it, give him a 50% change of getting to choose the disasters, because he knows best what disasters would be fun on his map, and it would be a reward for builders. if he doesnt get to pick then the 25% random player still counts (so now that is a 12.5% change in total)
of course moderators still overwrite all player selections

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