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May 25, 2020
It has been made clear to me and many others within the community that Athios' growth since its debut has been... subpar. We have seen few new players and even fewer new players who have stuck around.

It is saddening to see this. But I believe there is still a way to "save" Athios, even with our current playerbase. That's why I'm proposing...

Official Gamer Hours

What is it?
Official gamer hours would be a system where the staff team designates times on certain days of the week as "official gamer hours". These would be event days with certain bonuses active in Search and Destroy (i.e. double credits, free kits), to further help boost participation. These times would be advertised on voting sites, social media platforms, as well as the server itself.

sample athios gamer hours.png

Personally, I believe that 2 times a week would be a good amount of days, however I am open to hearing others' thoughts about it.

How will this help the server grow (tl;dr)?
I will be going more in-depth about this later in the post, but in summary, Search and Destroy is not the type of game where we can easily have people playing constantly, and its impossible for our current player base to sustain constant player counts. As a result, new players will often be logging onto an empty server, which is obviously not going to help convince them to stay.

With gamer hours, we would effectively be concentrating our efforts as a player base, so we can guarantee that when a new player logs on, they will be playing 20+ player games, and can then, fully understand how fun SnD can be.

What problems will official gamer hours help overcome?

1.) SnD requires many players to be fun

We are a longshot away from a constant player base to say the least. With that in mind, the current advertising strategy seems to be inefficient. We are taking a gamble and hoping that a new player just happens to log on when there coincidently happens to be gamer hours going on at the same time.

And if they log on when the server is empty (which is what is happens for the majority of the time)? They're a lost hope. I'd even argue that if they happen to log on when there's maybe 10 or fewer players, its unlikely they'd come back. Small games are just not as fun as big ones.

I think it'd be more productive to concentrate our efforts as a player base, and set apart maybe one or two days in the week for gamer hours. That way, we can essentially funnel all the new players into one big game, and ensure they get the full SnD experience.

2.) There are often 0 people on the server

Since it will probably be a while until we can sustain a constant playerbase on Athios, it is inevitable that the server will be empty for most of the time.

New players seeing a big fat 0 next to the "players online" stat on voting sites or in their MC server list are most definitely going to be discouraged by it. I believe official gamer hours would provide a way to still entice these new players into sticking around and giving SnD a shot. If they really are interested in the server, it gives them clear guidance on when they can finally try the game.

A new player who sees zero players on is a lost cause, but if they see that there are designated times when there will be lots of players on, there still may be some hope to grab their attention.

3.) Advertising has been subpar

I know that in many of our minds, getting advertising for Athios may seem simple, but as disclosed by Martoph:

content creators are hard.png

"Content creators can be incredibly hard to work with."

Naturally, the server has to turn to self-advertisement, which speaking from personal experience, is quite difficult.

While it won't be a huge fix, I believe official gamer hours will definitely help make advertising easier, as it gives new players a clearer idea of when they can play as well as incentives such as free kits or bonus credits.

You could argue that we just need to get new players to join the discord, but I'd say that just getting them to join the discord isn't a guarantee they'll stick around/actually play the game. As well as this, there is likely a good amount of people who don't use discord, and we can tap into that source of new players if we implement official gamer hours. We can cut the middle man, and get people off of voting sites and social media straight onto the server.

Foreseeable Concerns:

"We've tried to start a similar system in the past as a community and it failed"

While this is true, I believe official gamer hours will not share the same fate. With the promise of new players and the opportunity to directly contribute to the server's growth, I think there are much more incentive, which encourages greater participation in official gamer hours, beyond just the in-game benefits or the opportunity to play big games.

Basically, we would be asking for the playerbase to play SnD maybe 1 or 2 hours on two days per week. That's it. That's all they would have to do to contribute to the server in a meaningful way.

"This would decrease the frequency of random gamer hours"

This is also true, but if official gamer hours does well (which I believe they will), I'm sure new players we bring in will be very eager to play more and as time passes, random gamer hours will become even more frequent than they have been in the past.

Nothing will be stopping you from starting random gamer hours if this idea is implemented too, its just that with this system in place, people who don't have much time to spare will probably be saving their time for official gamer hours, which would be directly beneficial for the server's growth.

"Weekly/Semiweekly is too often"

"If gamer hours happen too frequently, people will just skip them and say I'll just show up to the next one"

Again, I believe there are more incentives to join these "official" gamer hours, which should alleviate the fear that the current player base would start flaking away on these official times.

Also, I feel like if we decide to go with a biweekly schedule or even a monthly schedule, it defeats the purpose of these official gamer hours, which is to create a clear and simple way for new players to hop on the server and play a big game of SnD. Making them wait too long to play will drive them away.

"This is unnecessary, we can just get new players to join the discord"

I've seen a lot of people join the discord but I haven't seen many new players on the server. I can't say exactly why this is, but the point is, getting people to just join the discord isn't enough.

Maybe most of them don't care about the game anymore. Maybe some of them joined the server and just forgot about it. Regardless, I think starting up official gamer hours could potentially get some of our previously inactive discord members to try SnD out. I see starting up gamer hours as a more direct invitation for these people to come play with us. I can't say that for certain, but I feel that only positive outcomes could come out of it.

Concluding Thoughts:

The current system, in my eyes, is inefficient for growth and isn't well adapted to the server's current state. Server growth is going to be hard, especially considering the size of our current playerbase, which makes it all the more important to make sure we concentrate our efforts as a community, and I believe that would be most well executed through the implementation of Official Gamer Hours.

Is this guaranteed to save the server? No.

But I think it is worth a shot. It's a small sacrifice for large potential gains. And if it doesn't work for like a month, it can always be dropped.

And as Martoph said

risks are part of the process.png

Risks are part of the process.

If we want to see real progress we have to try and tread upon new ground.

Feel free to provide your thoughts and opinions, I think this is something we should really talk about as a community.


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Jul 14, 2020
I like your moxie Onett, and I can tell you're serious by one crucial piece of evidence:

Exhibit A (from https://minecraftservers.org/vote/587565):

I'm down to do state-sponsored organized gamer hours to rouse the troops! What's the worse that can happen? More S&D??? I don't see the downside so far. I hope our diligent staff can follow through with their half of this operation, but it seems like more reasonable requests than other suggestions. Let's do this!!!


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