Submission Chesslight Skyline


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Apr 20, 2021
Map Name - Chesslight Skyline
Authors - Tru3thful

Map Description: The armies have been shrunk, and with them a new battlefield of flying chess has been found!
Pictures - I... oh dear, I took a lot of pictures. Too many for the Athios Forums. All of the screenshots I intended to put in can be found in this Imgur album. All screenshots were taken on Moody lighting.

Map download (and screenshots again):

Uh... I tried viewing it on a different email address and the world folder (named "Athios Chessboard") wasn't showing in the Google Drive. If that's the case for you, just let me know and I'll try and fix it. No guarantee I can, though, I'm new to the mapmaking process so I probably suck at organizing things.

Edit: ...and I just realized I forgot to mention in the Imgur album that the nuke is meant to be where the yellow glass is. Pick any of those 4 blocks to replace with the nuke, maybe have it be random every time if that's possible. On an unrelated note, if you're falling into the void when you open the map, teleport yourself to the coordinates 0, 50, 0.
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