Submission City Chaos


May 30, 2020
Hey everyone.
So I had this city lying around and decided to make an SnD map because why not.
Map Name:
City Chaos (I am open to other suggestions)



Map Info:
It's a bit hard to describe because there's a lot going on...

•So, the bombs are located in the coloured shopping malls that have flags hanging outside them on the second floor. Despite all the buildings, there are only two accessible buildings (per side) the malls, and a little cafe beside it. As I'm a fan of small secrets, there is one little secret entrance to the shopping mall ;) (it's not really practical though)

•There are police barricades on the main roads which prevent players from reaching the corner of the map. You can only get past these if you get some sort of boost, or use an ender pearl. There's nothing really to gain from going there anyways.

•There are three main ways of crossing the train tracks; Firstly through the chunky bridge in the middle. I guess most fighting would take place here, sort of an archer galore there. To avoid all the chaos, you can access the train tracks by either jumping off the sides onto the trains, the hay bales (and slime blocks) or by going down a set of stairs. On each side there are two sets of stairs leading up to the main roads, one of them is a hole in the wall with a protected area that leads up to an entrance close to the ambulance, and the other is a sort of construction scaffolding thingy opposite the cranes. This means there are two ways you can flank the main battle area which would be taking place on the bridge.

•Best thing to do is probably load up the map and check it out for yourself though, here's the download:

Please leave any feedback in the comments :)

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