Disaster Disasters Suggestions: "The Enderman," "Hydration Check," "Spring Feet"


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May 29, 2020
The Enderman
"Keep your eyes on him, or you'll regret it."

  • At the start of the disaster, one provoked enderman with a permanent glowing effect will spawn randomly on the map. This enderman cannot be killed.
  • The enderman will chase after a random player, moves incredibly fast, and does 4HP (2 Hearts) every hit. It can also teleport, but only for a few blocks at a time, and has an internal cooldown to prevent constant teleport cheese.
  • To prevent the enderman from attacking and moving, at least 1 player has to keep their eyes locked onto it (this detection is similar to looking at an enderman normally). The enderman cant teleport when immobilized.
  • Death message: "(playername) was too scared to look at the Enderman."

Hydration Check
"Drink lots of water!"

  • During the disaster, every player is frequently given a glass bottle in a random slot in their inventory. The bottle appears at a random variable of 15 ~ 25 seconds, and this timer is shared between all players.
  • Players who fail to drink the glass bottle within 10 seconds will take 4HP (2 Hearts) of damage, and will emit flame particles.
  • Death message: "(playername) became too dehydrated."

Spring Feet
"Be careful of where you jump!"

  • At the start of the disaster, every player is given a permanent Jump Boost 5 effect.
  • In addition, they will also take 50% more fall damage, so they must be wary of when and where they want to jump.
  • This disaster is intended to be the opposite of Glue Shoes, so they should not be able to appear together.
  • Death message: (just the generic death by falling message)
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May 13, 2021
the first and last ones sound cool (but i dont know about the first one in practise), the second one sounds like another boring one and i don't like it


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May 29, 2020
the first and last ones sound cool (but i dont know about the first one in practise), the second one sounds like another boring one and i don't like it
I’d like to think of the second disaster as one that’s supposed to keep the pressure high, it’s not strong on its own but it can prove to be quite challenging with other disasters—especially ones that require constant movement like Horde or Killer Bees. The random appearance timer will force you to constantly check your inventory, which in itself can be an interesting experience. Sometimes it can be the little things that can be fatal, since they’re typically harder to focus/remember than the more obvious and distracting disasters.

Of course you’re free to have your own opinions! I’m just laying out my thoughts behind this particular suggestion, since it does agreeably look boring on paper.


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Jun 24, 2020
I like all of these and think they'd be a nice way to add some variety to the game (since some of the disasters feel repetitive, like grey goo, wildfire, etc.

I also had some ideas for additional disasters, and instead of creating a third threat about ideas, I thought i'd just include them here.

Alien Invasion
The alien invasion will spawn a spacecraft in the center of the map that can't be destroyed by dud bombs, nukes, chasms, etc. Every 30 seconds will start a new "wave," where mobs will spawn. The first wave starts after 15 seconds from when the ship spawns. A particle effect will shoot down from the ship and hit an area suitable for spawning a mob.
  • Wave 1 will spawn 3 dragon eggs throughout the map. After 3 seconds, they will hatch an endermite.
  • Wave 2 will spawn another 3 endermite eggs, and 1 phantom that is immune to sunlight damage.
  • Wave 3 will spawn another 3 endermite eggs, and 2 more phantoms.
  • Finally, Wave 4 will spawn 3 endermite eggs, 1 more phantom, and an enderman that is permanently aggravated and attacks the nearest player. This enderman cannot teleport.
Unlike all the other disasters, this one will not be announced at the start of the game. Once the game starts, 1 person will be chosen to have a disease. After 30 seconds, they will have the hunger effect on their health bar showing that they are sick, but will not lose hunger. An announcement will also be made stating that this player is showing symptoms of a disease. The player will also become poisoned at this time, but the damage will be inflicted at a slightly slower speed than normal. If the player is within 5 blocks of another player at any point in time -- even in the 30 second grace period at the beginning of the game -- that player will become infected as well. All infected players will emit a dark green particle effect. An exhausted wand is the only way to cure the disease.

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