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May 25, 2020
A support kit which specializes in long-range support thanks to its impeccable aim and strength with which it can throw its potions.

Gold Helmet
Leather Chestplate (Dyed Purple)
Gold Leggings
Gold Boots

Stone Sword (Knockback 1)
3 Alchemist Potions (Splash Potion of Healing)


tl;dr you can throw potions that both heal allies and damage enemies, which do more damage the further away the target is. You can throw potions very far by crouching to "charge up"

Alchemist Potions

You can carry a maximum of 3 potions at a time, and they regenerate every 5 seconds.

Although they appear as splash potions of healing, these potions are able to simultaneously heal allies and damage enemies. However the damage/healing they give are dependent on two factors

1.) Distance from center of impact

This mechanic is already coded in vanilla minecraft, but basically, the closer an enemy/ally is to the center of the potion's radius, the more damage/healing they will receive.

2.) Distance travelled by the potion

The further the alchemist potion has travelled, the more damage/healing it will do.


Generally speaking, the damage dealt by the potion will always be half of the healing it would've done if it were an ally.

Example: If I throw a splash potion to heal my ally who is in front of me, they will receive 2 hearts of healing, while the enemy right next to them would take 1 heart of damage.

For reference, here's a couple of example healing/damage values for various distances:

0-5 Blocks (Off Center): 1 hearts of healing/0.5 heart of damage
0-5 Blocks (Centered): 2 hearts of healing/1 heart of damage

15 Blocks (Off Center): 3 hearts of healing/1.5 hearts of damage
15 Blocks (Centered): 4 hearts of healing/2 hearts of damage

40 Blocks (Off Center): 5 hearts of healing/2.5 hearts of damage
40 Blocks (Centered): 6 hearts of healing/3 hearts of damage

Increased Damage/Healing caps at 40 blocks

To prevent spamming these potions from becoming too strong, there will be a 1 second cooldown between each potion throw.

Steady Aim

To complement the increased damage/healing this kit gets from potions thrown from a far distance, this kit is able to throw potions much farther than what is possible in vanilla minecraft.

When the alchemist shifts, its experience bar will begin to fill.

This experience bar represents the strength at which the potion will be thrown.

It will take ~3 seconds for the bar to completely fill. If you unshift, the experience bar becomes empty instantly.

Max Distance of Potion Throw Possible (Visualized)

alchemist throw.png

Regardless of the amount of power you've accumulated, the potion will follow the same parabolic arc as a vanilla splash potion. The additional power just amplifies it.

At max power, the potion will have a max range of ~50 blocks

  • Enemies hit by potions will not take knockback (This is to prevent alchemists from running away from enemies too easily)
  • Similar exceptions for medic apply to Alchemist
    • Ally Medics, Bursts, Juggs and Dwarves will receive half of the healing they normally would
  • Potion Damage cannot be blocked by shields
  • Receives reduced healing from medic (Similar to Jugg)
  • You can use the potions to heal yourself


I was surprised to see that there were no kits that used potions so I thought I'd try and think of an idea that does.

Grouping up with your team's medic and just running at enemies has always been the way SnD has been played and I think introducing a kit like Alchemist could help switch things up a bit. I want to make it a powerful healer that the enemy team has to kill first, maybe even approaching the level of importance medic has.

I think the backwards nature of the kit would also help make the game more interesting. While you're forced to be isolated from most of your team to do the most healing, you also are very vulnerable in that state. It forces teams to strategize and decide how many people should stay behind to defend the Alchemist.

Overall, I feel like it would be a pretty fun kit to play, since it heavily relies on good positioning and rewards good timing. You don't heal as much as medic overall but if you can save your potions for just the right moment, it can win your team the game. It would kinda be like sniper which is cool (not as annoying as sniper tho I hope).
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