Kit Kit: Bloodmage (Sacrificial + Bleeder Rework)


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May 29, 2020
A rework/merge of two kits most of you probably know: Sacrificial and Bleeder. I’ve toyed around with their unique qualities to come up with a practically new kit.

Kit Name: Bloodmage
Kit Icon: Shears
Kit Description: A supportive fighter that can manipulate the lifeforce of others. They can create a blood pact with an ally that grants them increased Max Health at the cost of the Bloodmage’s own, and must stay near each other to retain its effects. While in a blood pact, the Bloodmage can also enchant their sword with the Bleeding effect—temporarily decreasing any enemy’s Max Health while restoring the Bloodmage’s own.

- Chainmail Helmet (Prot. 1 Enchant)
- Chainmail Chestplate (Prot. 1 Enchant)
- Red-Dyed Leather Pants (NO Enchants)
- Gold Boots (Prot. 1 Enchant)

- Stone Sword (NO Enchants)
- Shears (Named Blood Shears)
- Fuse


The underlying mechanics may sound super convoluted/lengthy, but that’s just because I’m trying to be as detailed as possible. In actuality the gameplay should be fairly simple—there’s just a lot of balancing mechanics behind it is all.

When right-clicking an ally with the Blood Shears, you will enter into a Blood Pact with that ally, and the message “You have entered into a blood pact with (teammate’s playername)! Stay near them to prevent it from breaking!” in light-red text will be sent to both players’ chats. A Blood Pact grants the following effects:
  • The non-Bloodmage ally will be granted +10 Max HP (5 Hearts). Additionally, they will receive a Regeneration 1 effect if they’re not a Juggernaut or Burst.
  • The Bloodmage will be inflicted -10 Max HP (5 Hearts) and will receive a Regeneration 1 effect until the Blood Pact is broken.
  • A thin line of red falling sand particles will periodically emit between both players (every 2 seconds). This indicates that the Blood Pact is still existing, and can only be seen by their own team.
In addition to these effects, there are certain rules pertaining to Blood Pacts:
  • The Bloodmage can only create and retain 1 Blood Pact at a time.
  • The Blood Pact will break if any of the two players dies.
  • The Blood Pact may also break if both players are more than 15 blocks away from each other for more than 3 seconds. Upon being more than 15 blocks away, the message “Your blood pact with (teammate’s playername) is weakening...” in bold light-red text will be sent to both players’ chats and will play a sound cue. If it breaks, the message “Your blood pact with (teammate’s playername) has been broken!” in the same font will be sent to their chats and will play the same sound cue with a lower pitch.
  • Upon breaking a Blood Pact, both players’ Max HP will return to normal; the Bloodmage will instantly recover HP = amount of missing Max HP (I’ll explain why I worded it like this later); and the Shears will enter a 10-second cooldown before being able to form another Blood Pact.
  • If the Bloodmage attempts to use its Shears while on cooldown, it will send the message “You cannot form any Blood Pacts yet!” in light-red text to their chat. When its cooldown is finished, it will send the message “Your Blood Shears has rejuvenated its mana!” in light-green text to their chat with a sound cue.
  • The non-Bloodmage player cannot become a partner of multiple simultaneous Blood Pacts.
  • The Bloodmage cannot enter into Blood Pacts with other Bloodmages.
While in a Blood Pact, the Bloodmage’s Shears will gain the special Bleeder Mode ability. The item will be renamed to “Blood Shears - Bleeder Mode” in bold red text and will have an enchantment glint to indicate this change.
  • Right-Clicking the Shears in this state will apply the Bleed enchantment on the Bloodmage’s sword. This enchantment lasts for 7 seconds (indicated by the Bloodmage's decreasing EXP Bar—empty meaning its duration is over) or until the user successfully hits an enemy with their sword (the EXP Bar will immediately become empty if activated this way).
  • If any of the two conditions are triggered, the Blood Shears will no longer have an enchantment glint and enter a 15-second cooldown that is indicated by their EXP Bar. Once the EXP Bar is full, the enchantment glint will return and they will be able to use the ability again.
  • During the ability's duration, the Bloodmage's next successful hit will deal no actual damage to the enemy. Due to how Bleed works, dealing additional damage on top of this ability would make it a bit too unbalanced.
  • The Bleed enchantment cannot be activated if the Bloodmage is not currently in a Blood Pact. It can, however, persist even if the Blood Pact breaks during the ability's duration. If this happens however, the Bloodmage will not gain any additional Max HP (will explain more on this later).
  • Upon entering into a Blood Pact, the Bloodmage must wait 3 seconds before being able to use the Bleeder Mode ability.
Hitting an enemy while the sword has with this special enchantment will apply the Bleed debuff on them, alongside visual particle effects on to enemy and a sound cue to indicate that it has been applied. The effects and rules of this status are as follows:
  • The enemy is inflicted with -6 Max HP and a Hunger effect for 35 seconds. This status will persist even if the Bloodmage who applied this effect dies.
  • Redstone Block particles will "drip" from the enemy's body (every 2 seconds) to indicate that they are under the effects of Bleed.
  • Their Max HP will return to normal once the Hunger effect expires. They‘ll still need to naturally recover their lost HP afterwards.
  • Applying Bleed onto an already-afflicted enemy will only inflict them with -2 Max HP (capped at a total infliction of -14 Max HP per enemy) and increase the Hunger effect’s duration by 5 seconds (capped at a total duration of 35 seconds per enemy). This is to prevent a group of Bloodmages from becoming too oppressive.
  • Applying Bleed onto an enemy will restore +4 Max HP (+2 Max HP if the enemy is already inflicted) to the Bloodmage (capped at 20 Max HP—the normal amount). The Bloodmage will still need to naturally recover their lost HP.
  • Upon breaking a Blood Pact, the Bloodmage’s Max HP will always return to 20—no matter how much bonus Max HP they gained from inflicting Bleed.
  • Remember that “Bloodmage will instantly recover HP = amount of missing Max HP” phrasing? That comes into play here. This equalizes how much HP should be restored to the Bloodmage depending on how much Max HP they’ve already gained from inflicting Bleed.

Ok hopefully everything I just explained made sense... if not, completely understandable lol.
Feel free to ask any clarifying questions if you're still confused about something.
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Jul 14, 2020
This is actually... Really cool! I'd love to this kit at least given a try. I think it could be a fun kit to run with a friend since it requires close teamwork to prevent the pact from breaking.

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