Kit Kit Daemon


Jun 24, 2020
Name: Daemon

Description: Defeat players and cast their souls as Vexes to conquer your enemies!

Price: 450 Credits

Armor: Prot 1 Gold Helmet, Prot 1 Gold Boots, Prot 1 Black Leather Chestplate

Items: Fuse, Stone Sword with Curse of Vanishing (just for fun), Totem of Undying (named Vex Spawner)

Abilities: Similar to the OG Daemon, this kit gets more powerful with every kill it gets. Every time this kit or it's Vexes kill a player, their Vex count will go up by one (shown on the vex spawner item they have). By right clicking their totem, a menu comes up that shows all the players still alive and their team color (similar to the spectator menu, but this doesn't show kits). The user can click a player on the enemy team, and 1 Vex will be summoned at the user's location. By clicking multiple times, multiple Vex's will be spawned. Multiple players can be chosen at once. Each Vex will be named after one of the people the user has already killed ("xmaymayx's Soul"). The Vex will seek out the selected player and attack them. The selected player will also receive a message: "xmaymay's soul is seeking you!"

The behavior of the attacking Vex will be the same as a vanilla Minecraft Vex (it will turn red, charge the player, hit, turn white, ambulate around the selected enemy, and charge again after about 5 seconds). The Vex will deal the same amount of damage as a Vanilla Vex on easy mode (5.5). It will have custom health though, that way this kit isn't too OP. Each Vex should be killed in about 2 hits, so 10 health points might be good.

After a Vex is killed, it can be summoned again. Other enemies on the user's team can also see and attack Vexes. The user can only summon as many Vexes as player's they've killed.

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