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May 25, 2020
Welcome to the Map Submissions section for Disasters. Here, you can submit a map you’ve made and offer input on maps submitted by other players!

Submitting a Map:

When you submit your map, make sure to include these!
  • Map Name: Self-explanatory.
  • Authors: Players who contributed with the map. This can be a build team name if desired.
    Map Description: Desired in-game description of the map. Keep it to 100 characters or less! If you fail to include this, we’ll make one up!
  • Pictures: Include various pictures of your map. Do not use shaders or a resource pack. It’s recommended to have pictures of a general map overview and any highlights of the map.
  • Download Link: A link to a .zip folder of your map files. Recommended to use Dropbox or Google Drive for this! - This is critical, make sure to include this so that both staff and forum users can walk around your map and fully experience it! Without this, we will not be reviewing your map.
  • Flood start and end heights (in Y levels). - The height that the Flood disaster will start at and the height that it will end at.
  • Power-up location # - The total number of spawn locations there are for power-ups, as well as coordinates.


Throughout the round, power-ups will periodically spawn in set locations. These locations are… wherever you set them! How to set them? Simple!
Place a block of Sponge wherever you want the power-ups to spawn, and add the coordinates to each block in your map submission post. If you actually use sponge blocks in your map, feel free to substitute it for another block that stands out, but let us know what you swap it to.
How many power-ups should you have? It depends - place powerups in areas that are commonly passed through and in fun/special areas for those bold enough to reach them. Try to aim for between 10 and 20 powerup locations.


These Disasters in particular should be kept in mind while building your map, as not accommodating for them can lead to... disaster!!!

  • Acid Rain: This disaster slowly destroys every block that the deadly rain touches! Make sure to leave adequate cover or durable blocks so that players may survive. Harder blocks take longer to break!
  • Borders: This disaster forces players to rapidly and efficiently move around your map from spot to spot. Make sure this isn't too difficult a task.
  • Flood: This disaster floods the entire lower portion of the map, making it completely unusable. Your map should have at least some playable parts left, as there will be two other disasters to worry about... Make sure to including your preferred start and end heights for the flood, as required!
  • Glue Shoe: This disaster prevents players from jumping. It's preferable if your map has stairs, slabs, or whatever is required to let players navigate despite this.
  • Gravity Shift: This disaster will suffocate players who are above Y=100. If your map has structures that are at or above this level, they may take damage while simply existing. (That's not ideal.)
  • Killer Bees: Mere wooden doors do not stop the bees. However, iron doors do, so long as they're not activated by pressure plate.
  • The Floor is Lava: Pending change. This will be updated later.
  • Wildfire: This disaster will spread from any active fire in the map, even if it existed before the disaster started.
This list may be updated as more disasters are added to the game.

Map Guidelines:

Make sure your map follows these guidelines. Maps that don’t follow all of these may be rejected!
  • The map must be 101x101 blocks in size. This is for lag prevention and disaster balancing purposes.
  • There must be a layer of bedrock under the map
  • Players will be running around the map, so make sure it’s easy and fun to run from place to place! Large slopes or mountains can be very slow to climb unless special care is taken.
  • Have a variety of heights in your map to accommodate for the different disasters.
  • Have multiple paths or entrances to get to places, as well as multiple exits!
  • Generally, mobs are not recommended. If adding mobs, please keep it reasonable so players aren't distracted.
  • Maps should have their center at or near coordinates 0, 0.

Further notes:

Disasters tend to do one or more of the following, with exceptions
  • Force players to move - Disasters that chase players or otherwise prevent camping
  • Make areas hazardous and harmful - Disasters that hinder or harm you when in a certain area
  • Restrict movement directly or through destroying the map - Disasters that hinder you from effectively moving

  • It is not possible to use maps in item frames.
  • Worlds created using custom dimensions or custom biomes are allowed, but any ambient effects (particle effects, sky color, lighting, etc) will NOT be imported with your map. In other words, only the terrain will be included in the final version!
  • Easter Eggs and secret areas are allowed, but please keep it reasonable. Do not include any secrets that would provide a substantial gameplay advantage to those who use it, such as full diamond armor or 64 steak. While players not part of the building process may be featured, consent from that player must be granted. All Easter Eggs and secret areas must be disclosed during the submission process (feel free to DM us to keep it secret from other players 😄).
To help you with starting your map… Here’s a template! It’s a 101x101 flat surface, perfect to start building on! When you’re done, make sure to delete the black concrete outline.

The Mapmaker rank will be granted to authors of accepted maps. Mapmakers get exclusive use of the Barricader kit in Search and Destroy, as well as bragging rights.

Mapmakers who have additional maps accepted will be granted 1000 credits and 600 points.
Mapmakers who make multiple high quality maps may be invited to the build server as well.

Please note that a maximum of 4 players will be rewarded for having an accepted map at a time. For example, if 6 builders work on a map, they must decide who out of them will receive the rewards, though they will all be credited for the map.
Build teams are welcome to build maps, but they are not exempt from this rule.

The Process…
So, how is this done, anyway?


Submit your map to the appropriate forums section, with all the required details and pictures.
After some time, go and check out what the community thinks of your map. Soon enough, our “expert” “build team” will take a look at it. If we approve it, great! We’ll let you know and put your map into the game when the time is right.

If we don’t approve it, it’s okay! We’ll let you know why we didn’t approve it and leave your thread open so you can adjust the map to better fit the guidelines. Make sure to take both community and staff responses into account when updating your map.

When you’ve finished revisions, make a new post on your map thread with the details of what you’ve done. We’ll check it out and the reviewing process will repeat until your map is perfectly cooked and ready to go.

Regrettably, not every map can make the cut. Sometimes, a map will have poor gameplay. Sometimes, the aesthetics won’t meet standards.. While we can offer advice, understand that we aren’t here to fully coach you on exactly what you need to do. We’ve got other stuff on our minds! If you cannot or refuse to change your map to meet our standards, we’ll have to reject your map.

Some Last Notes…
  • While gameplay is more important than aesthetics, this is not to say that aesthetics are unimportant! A good balance is key, but gameplay should not be sacrificed for aesthetics. That being said... Please make sure your map isn't an eyesore. We don’t want to reject a map for this reason, but it’s possible.
  • It's expected that a submitted map is an original creation of the builders. If you follow a tutorial or copy a build, you must alter it so that it looks distinctly your own, and more than just the block palette.
  • Plagiarism, or submitting another person's work as your own, is not tolerated. Those who do this will be dealt with accordingly.
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