Skinner Rework


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May 30, 2020
This thread is looking at how skinner's ability works, and how it could be changed in order to make the kit more viable in games.

The way that skinner currently works is strange. According to @Smalusion, you have been in close proximity to someone (from the other team) when they die. This applies to whether you kill the enemy or not.

This brings up the main problem with skinner you cannot choose when to put the skin on. You are immediately immobilized while you put on the skin, which is crippling in a team fight and leaves you vulnerable for 5 seconds. To add insult to injury, it is also extremely loud, (similar to how loud the remote teleporter is). There are a couple of things that I want to change about the kit.

1 - Give Skinner the kit icon of the player they killed, and then let them put the skin on under their own terms.

Essentially what this point is saying is give the skinner a kit icon similar to the one below and then let the skinner put on the player's skin when they want to. This will still leave them vulnerable for 5 seconds when they're putting the skin on, but at least it will not completely screw them over in team fights or other situations. You would only be allowed to have one skin in your inventory at a time. This would also give skinner a kit item if the person they killed was knocked into the void. *Skinner currently does not skin someone if they're knocked into the void*

In this example, @Joey would be a ninja, and you would get his kit item which is an ender pearl. When right-clicking it, you would be frozen in place for 5 seconds, just like it is now. The only difference would be that it is at the players discretion instead of forced upon them.


2 - Give Skinner a separate item for assists .4 and greater.

This would give skinner a piece of leather in their Hotbar labeled "Mend x's Skin" which would take 5 seconds, but would not freeze the player. This is important, because it would be more rewarding for the skinner to actually get the kill, but would not really penalize them if they're able to get a decent amount of damage on the player that they're fighting. After those 5 seconds, the item would just turn into that player's skin, and you would be allowed to put it on. If you mend someone's skin while you have another skin in your inventory, it will override the skin that you currently have.


Thanks to @Joey for letting me use his name, and for @Smalusion for explaining how the kit currently works. Hopefully, these changes are able to make the kit more user friendly.


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May 29, 2020
Skinner would be a valid class to go if they could choose when to change. Being a sitting duck isn't fun and you currently get punished for getting a kill.

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