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Jun 1, 2020
Hello wonderful people!,

As you know I have been working on various kits ever since we have been blessed with Lib's code.

This expansion pack comes with 4 yes! 4! new and reworked kits that are completely coded and ready to go(hopefully!) as soon as you drop them in their respected folders and you edit the searchanddestroy.class file to import and declare the kits!

Here they are!:

The old Porcupine struggled to find it's unique identity due to the fact that it was just a Trooper with no heals. This new Porcupine aims at giving it a unique identity in game by giving it more options to deal with those pesky archers using it's new passive ability: Super Thorns!

Cost: 200 Credits

"A spiky brawler who excels at dealing with archers with his high projectile protection. The more arrows he has in him, the more damage he reflects right back at ya!"
"Damage reflected will be dealt as true damage. However, it lacks items to heal with and it's reflection damage is capped."
"Inspired by OnettOnslaught, by birdy117"

  • Chain Helment
  • Iron Chestplate
    • Super Thorns
    • Projectile Protection III(reduces projectile damage by +24%)
  • Chain Leggings
  • Iron Boots
    • Projectile Protection III(reduces projectile damage by +24%)
  • Iron Sword

Unique Ability: Super Thorns
  • Everytime you are hit by a melee attack, you will reflect up to 1-4(Based on how many arrows are in you) hearts of true damage back to your attacker!
  • Everytime you are hit by an arrow, your reflection damage will increase by 1 up to a cap of 4.(A message in the chat and sound will notify you!) and will also reflect up to 1-4(Based on how many arrows are in you) hearts of true damage back to the archer.
  • Arrows will last 20 seconds within you before they despawn. When an arrow despawns, your reflection damage will decrease by 1 to a minimum of 1. (A message in chat will notify you)
Bleeder is currently a terrible kit in SnD. It's long term effects didn't match the short-term longevity of a game of SnD. On top of that, it did not deal enough damage to win a 1v1 and has very little impact in fights as it's armor proved to be too weak as well. This reworks aims to breathe new life into Bleeder by buffing it's sword and giving it a brand new ability: Bleeding

Cost: 400 Credits

"An offensive kit with less defenses and offensive power, but with the ability to temporarily cut an enemies max health in half! Enemies that are bleeding will only be able to recover up to 50% of their health for 30 seconds!."
"Inspired by Lexplosion, by birdy117"

  • Chain Helmet
  • Gold ChestPlate
  • Chain Leggings
  • Chain boots
  • Iron Sword

Unique Ability: Bleeding
  • Hitting an enemy with your sword will inflict them with Bleeding for 30 seconds:
  • A bleeding enemy will:
    • loose 50% of their Max HP
    • Any health above 50% will be converted into absorption hearts
  • After 30 seconds, any remaining absoprtion hearts will be turned back into normal health and your max health will be restored.
Ahh yes Technician, the good ole days. It was a very fun kit to play as and now it's back!

Cost: 300 Credits

"A thinking man's kit that is a close cousin of Explosive",
"Armed with a decent melee weapon but weak defenses, technicians are good at disorienting enemies with their flashbangs and then capitalizing on it"
"by birdy117"

  • Iron Helmet
  • Gold Chestplate
  • Gold Leggings
  • Iron Boots
  • Iron Sword
    • Knockback I
  • Flashbangs x 5(Magma Cream)
    • Function like Explosive's grenades. Instead of dealing damage, they will blind enemy players for 5 seconds. Only one can be thrown at a time.
There aren't many axe kits in SnD, so I decided to make one that has the ability to sustain itself through multiple fights using it's ability: Cannibalism

Cost: 150 Credits

"A self-sustainable combat kit that is able to heal through cannibalistic means. Chop up your enemies into delectable chops to heal yourself",
"With relativley weaker defenses, this kit will receive raw porkchops upon a kill and spawns with only 2. These porkchops will heal you for 4 health.",
"by birdy117"

  • Iron Helmet
  • Chain Chestplate
  • Chain Leggings
  • Iron Boots
  • Iron Axe
    • Sharpness I
  • Raw Porkchop x 2(Heals two full hearts)
Unique Ability: Communism Cannibalism
  • For each kill you recieve, you will recieve a raw porkchop that will be named after your victim!
  • Right-click to heal two full hearts! (Keep in mind the spectators are watching!)

As exciting as new kits are, they really need to be play tested to see if they are balanced and bug-free(We all know there's gonna be bugs). My hope is that the community helps with balancing these kits using the forums IF they get added.

The class files for the kits include!:

  • Javadoc for each method and class so you're not totally lost! (Take that lib!)
  • Easy to access static final values to easily tweak ability stats for balancing
  • On GitHub for everyone to use!

Get them Here!
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May 14, 2020
Thanks for your dedication, while the code is acceptable and doesn't break any conventions, I'm not accepting any community code at this time. I may take some inspiration from this in the future.

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