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    Project Pinion Progress 01/16/22

    Hello! This is the very first developer log/progress update for Athios’ Project Pinion that was announced last year. We held many meetings and developed a lot of ideas that we want to share with you! For this post, I really wanted to focus on one of the main parts of the project: generating the...
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    Introducing the Traps, Traffic, Termites! Update

    Hi. Been a while, huh? Hope you enjoyed the summer! There’s still some to it, but September is starting soon, and with it, both the school season and the actual season of fall. (or autumn i guess) We’ve been doing a lot of planning on what we want to get done in the somewhat later future. We’ve...
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    feedback on every disaster i have something to say about

    Thanks, now I know you have a valid opinion. unlike this one.... Thanks for the ideas though, I love working on the game and its fun to see people chime in.
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    Mega Suggestion Thread

    Medic already has significantly lower rate of healing for the kits you mentioned... As far as a GUI, it's not happening. It's been discussed before and it can't be implemented in a clean way. As far as healing pool, could be something I look into. Is what you told me about burst in a bug...
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    Athios will be updating to 1.16.2 August 22nd

    Hi 1.16.2 came... and so has optifine! This means I need to update to 1.16.2... which means dropping 1.16 and 1.16.1 support. I'm sure many of you will be devastated. Along with 1.16.2, there are a couple of bug fixes and patches that have become long overdue. Here's the full changelog: -...
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    1.16 and Me

    Hi Firstly, wanted to give a massive thanks to anyone who has donated in the first 2 weeks, it definitely exceeded my expectations and I can assure you will see it reinvested! I plan to upgrade Athios to 1.16, which also means dropping 1.15 support. Upgrading can sometimes be grueling, or...
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    Kit SnD Kit Expansion Pack 1

    Thanks for your dedication, while the code is acceptable and doesn't break any conventions, I'm not accepting any community code at this time. I may take some inspiration from this in the future.
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    A Couple Observations and a Couple Suggestions

    Apologies for the sudden changes and rapid fire of nerfs/buffs/updates. These are mainly to fix the biggest problems in balancing I've noticed, and I don't release a changelog every time they happen due to the fact they happen so often. However, with that being said, after this week I will not...
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    Teleporter Wrong Warp (Bug Report Exemplar)

    Marking this as solved
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    Teleporter Wrong Warp (Bug Report Exemplar)

    This is an excellent bug report, I cannot thank you enough for mentioning the specifics of how to reproduce. I will update this as soon as I start testing it.
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    A note on ranks

    Launch day.... is today! Here is a FAQ of some stuff regarding ranks. Short, but necessary. Will backer be available after launch? Yes. 1 week after until Friday, June 12 11:59PM EST What will backer/VIP include? This information should be found in the package description at the store page...
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    3 Days until launch! Additions/Changes that will be featured!

    Happy Tuesday! The purpose of this thread is to go over what features and changes you can expect to see on Athios, and believe me, it's more than just small changes! These changes reflect what has changed since RWF 2.0. Changes Wraith can now see enemy HP Many have communicated that wraith in...
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    Suggestion: No Lobby

    This behavior already exists.
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    Suggestion: No Lobby

    I've taken this suggestion into consideration, I think it works well. I agree that map voting decreases the amount of different maps you will eventually play, and I think that's a very considerable issue. With that being said, here is what I've implemented: Got rid of map voting. Lobby time...
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    Welcome to Athios!

    There are many plans for advertising. Do not worry! I will say I am searching for content creators. Any information I give is at risk to change at anytime, and I don't want to have constantly changing plans/information being spread. One thing for sure is that the best form of advertising is by...