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May 13, 2021
name: mars

author: MinerBat

description: Earth has been destroyed by disasters. Maybe on mars we are safe?

start location: 74 71 63 (emerald)

flood start/end: 45-80

power ups (marked in sponge):
66 61 39 in plant dome
39 58 38 in center of big crater
-2 81 22 in starships cargo bay
26 72 77 in laboratory
81 77 31 in sleeping area
73 76 68 in rocket (yes its the rocket in KASA space center)
10 65 10 crater
1 53 32 underground base
75 54 -3 lavatube
51 57 11 yet another crater
23 89 11 cockpit of starship


download 2:

download 3:
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Sep 22, 2020
Hi! I love the idea!
It’s a great concept, and a really great start.
•Personally I think it’s a bit bare, there’s places that have nothing, no cover, no light, and it just seems like wasted space.
•the color scheme is dull, if the players where to do floor is lava it would be difficult
(I’m going off the pictures as I’m not able to download worlds)
•Glue shoe would be difficult for areas with no stairs or slabs
• the map itself is very one color, I don’t see a lot of diversity in blocks which would make it stand out. Personally I’d like to see more kinds of blocks used.
Those are just my opinions, but I love the idea, keep up the good work!!!


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Jun 24, 2020
Hi! I love the idea!
It’s a great concept, and a really great start.
I agree with Sav! I like the space theme you've been going with. But I think this will need some work before it's ready for testing, just like she mentioned.

In addition to what Sav said, you compared this map to Sakura Valley on Discord, which has a range of 55y to 22y (with a difference of 33 - bottom of lowest cave to highest shrine on cliff) of blocks you can reach, without the aid of powerups. This map has a range of 96y to 52y (with a difference of 44 - highest reachable MARSHA habitat and bottom of cave). This also means your entire map will have to be lowered significantly, as in the matter of seconds, if someone doesn't find cover with the very limited amount of structures in the map, they will float off into space and suffocate. The very tips of the rockets are also at 101y, which is problematic as well (suffocating starts at 100y). Your map only has 11 more blocks of variance than "the pink tree map," but if you compare what those numbers actually mean in-game, the quality of that difference is a lot different. On Sakura's Valley, there's 3 separate underground caves that can be used for cover. Your map only has 1 cave and the underground housing section. Your map also only has 5, maybe 6 areas that provide some decent distance from the ground. I'm referring to the two rockets and the 3 MARSHA habitats you created, plus the satellite dish, which is only a few blocks tall on a hill. Each of these structures is only roughly 10 blocks in diameter, which can be easily squashed by the Giant Slime, decimated with meteors, dud bomb, etc. Sakura's Valley has two massive cliffs that encompass about half of the entire map, as well as 3 buildings that are almost as tall as the cliffs. It also has several trees and smaller buildings which can offer protection from acid rain, anvils, gravity shift, etc.
(I've attached some pictures for comparison)

As another small suggestion, I would change the entire biome of the world to an end or nether biome to give it more of a space feel. Right now the map is set to night-time, but more often than not, the game will randomly set the time to day, ruining the space feel you have right now. But with a nether or end biome, the sky will still be blue/red/black depending on which biome you choose, despite the sun being up in the sky.

To fix the height variation problem, I would include a small canyon like I suggested on Discord, or add some cliffs or more rocks in the terrain. Some more caves probably wouldn't hurt as well.

For the dull color scheme Sav mentioned, I would consider adding some splashes of Acacia planks, stripped acacia wood, and terracotta onto the surface. Not only will this give the groundcover something with a little more "sparkle," if red sand is lava, then 99% of the map is going to be fried.

Lastly I would also add some more slabs/stairs. Right now, you only have a small trail leading to each of the structures in the map. But a well-placed meteor or dud bomb could completely nullify a structure if glue shoe is active and that small path is destroyed.

With some more work this could be a very interesting candidate for testing. Good luck!
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May 13, 2021
ok, version 2!
- more slabs
- more caves
- ice mine
- ground texturing
- biome to end
- canyons


May 25, 2020
Hello Miner!

Just a quick response for the moment.

I really like how this map looks, great job! The surface of another planet is a theme that's only been done maybe once or twice before, but not quite as successfully as this.

However, this map feels very empty. There's not much you can run or jump on, or many structures you can hide inside. However, that fits perfectly with the theme of Mars, so I don't quite know if more structures or objects would do great for that.

But what you do have a lot of potential with is terrain. Probably the best comparison would be Perilous Peaks, the mountainy map. It doesn't have a lot going on with buildings, but it more than makes up for it with interesting terrain, with all the paths through the peaks and underground tunnel systems, as well as all its secrets.

I think you could do something somewhat similar here, expanding both on the surface and below it with fun features to give more cover to players and be more interesting to run around on.

One extra note is that the biome settings feel a little patchy if you fly around, with the sky rapidly flashing between 2-3 colors. Would be better if the set biomes were bigger or included more of the sky.

Anyway. Great stuff, keep it up!


May 13, 2021
it has been updated! more rocks and terrain above ground, and more caves below ground. it was really hard to come up with multiple unique cave types and most of them are probably not realistic, but there is a good variety in cave types now. the flood should now start at 45 instead of 52


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May 27, 2020
Hi minerbat,

The map is definitely true to its source, but the empty red look doesn’t leave much for players to utilize during disasters. The structures are really well-detailed but are either cramped or dead-ends.

Unfortunately we’ll be rejecting it as overall we don’t think the Mars theme here works for Disasters. Thanks for the submission, hopefully you expand on the concept in the future!


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