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    Search and Destroy Map List (6/5/2022)

    Thank you for this sir!
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    Rejected Ninja

    I took pictures of the 6 graves for you big dog man Toomuchzelda: FrozenArmy: ratsmax: Mrmctragik: diagla2461: mastergta11:
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    Rejected Ninja

    It is beautiful... so many skulls of king in his mask 😍
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    kit sacrificer!!!6!!

    Now this I can get behind.
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    Mega Suggestion Thread

    Completely agree with this ^
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    Sexy Dino man

    Sexy Dino man
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    Something I just noticed..

    They've been lying to us...
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    Mall Stores for Map!

    Oswald's Cobblepots INC.
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    Allow Remote Teleporter to Break Certain Teleporters

    Currently, teleporter is able to break both of their teleporters with their remote teleporter. It would be beneficial to the kit if they were able to break a certain teleporter that they had placed. My suggestion would look something like this, although I'm sure it could be prettier. Red wool...
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    Reenable AFK Timer for SnD ONLY

    As some of you may know, there used to be an AFK timer that would kick you if you were AFK for 5ish minutes. This was applied to the gamemode of SnD, and in the main lobby. This was removed recently (thank god) in the main lobby but was also removed from SnD. While I do think the AFK timer...
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    Disable Anti-AFK in Main Lobby [Resolved]

    We can AFK in peace once again! Thanks to all the really cool gamers who helped get it removed.
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    Minecraft Boom Boom Attack

    Shoutout to the bombers themselves: @Waves, @Lexplosion, @cyber700, @Leprechauns.
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    Skinner Rework

    This thread is looking at how skinner's ability works, and how it could be changed in order to make the kit more viable in games. The way that skinner currently works is strange. According to @Smalusion, you have been in close proximity to someone (from the other team) when they die. This...
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    Make Spies Show up in Alphabetical Order in Tab

    In the picture below, @Elitemaster5 is the spy. The tab list sorts by alphabetical order which starts with numbers 0-9, then underscore, and then the letters A-Z. As you can see he is way out of order on tab, and it's extremely easy to tell that there is a spy in the game if you're paying...