Halloween Update

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Fall Update

October 10-Nov 10

Image by @shadowstarcat, also known as annisdying

It’s that spooky time of the year, so of course it’s time to Spook & Destroy!
Be prepared for a fang-tastic time!

From October 10 to November 10, get your hands on loads of brand new cosmetics, some of which are event-exclusive, and dress up for this monstrous month. Put on an array of new monster disguises, bathe in a shower of mystery potions, or take a stroll through a personal pumpkin patch!
There’s also a fresh batch of haunting death messages being applied in game, so there’s an endless supply of treats to spend your points on while also fearing for your life!

Search and Destroy
You asked for it and we heard you! More specifically, you asked so much that the questions started coming into our dreams like commandments from an angry god.
So after much anticipation…

Event Kit: Death God
This invisible bringer of death perpetually hunts a marked target. Death gods drain their targets of life by right-clicking their death scythe near them, but targets who stay vigilant can run out of range or fight them off in order to avoid the reaping. Steal some souls with this kit for up to 1000 credits or use a kit trial from voting to give it a try. This kit is event exclusive, and is slated to expire on November 10. As time passes, the price will decrease!

Kit Updates

- Blast Protection and Projectile Protection removed from the chestplate and legs.

Vampire - Spawns with 10 hearts. Souls give 5 hearts.

Shortbow - Reduced to Power I. (75% bonus damage to 50%)
[Please note that this is an experimental balancing to see how it does. It will be rebalanced if this proves to crush the kit.]


It’s been a long time coming, but we’re happy to announce that several maps have left the testing phase.

Aztec, Boom Town, and Uncle T’s Family Factory have been rejected, while Coconut Mall, Hexed Hives, New Balance, and Venice have been accepted.

A new map has entered the testing phase:
Tashic Ruins, by @Mythless.

We also have three map remixes for the season, done by the incredible King.

Valley of Despair
China’s Hell
Flying Ships Aftermath

Expect to see some more horrifying sights later this month.

Special Event

Athios Halloween Party!
Athios will be having its very own Halloween party on the server on October 31st with a variety of fun and frightening twists to the Search and Destroy gamemode. Expect to see some sights from the past! Be prepared to fight for your lives and have frights of your lives during this monster mash!
Costumes are highly encouraged, just remember to keep everything appropriate.

As a final note, check out this thread to enter in a contest! Win a prize! The prize is VIP! Wow!

Athios will be updating to 1.16.2 August 22nd

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1.16.2 came...
and so has optifine!

This means I need to update to 1.16.2...
which means dropping 1.16 and 1.16.1 support. I'm sure many of you will be devastated.

Along with 1.16.2, there are a couple of bug fixes and patches that have become long overdue. Here's the full changelog:

- Updated to 1.16.2
- Paladin will only apply effects if you currently do not have them (ninja is no longer allergic to the speed beacon, regeneration will feel better).
- Medic won't send obsolete messages anymore
- Pyro's (and others') achievements have been formatted correctly.
- Frost will now correctly freeze the offhand of trigger and warper
- Spectators can no longer bother boats
- Venom's anti-heal properties no longer linger longer than they're supposed to.
- Absorption and regeneration will now be removed at end game poison
- Arbalist arrows will now come back if the arrow fell into the void or if it has not reached a target in 10 seconds (caused by shooting it into the border)
- Maps that are supposed to assign teams to random sides now do that correctly.
- You can no longer interact with most inventory blocks
- Landmines can now be broken and returned after a 40 second cooldown
- Paladin now has blast protection, projectile protection, and protection 1 on all armor
- Paladin beacon cooldown has been reduced from 20 seconds to 16 seconds
- Paladin achievements now register correctly

A note on discord
Many have noticed we have decided to restrict any streaming. This was an oversight from when I first created the discord and should've never been allowed. It is simply too much for staff to moderate, as the content being streamed is our responsibility to monitor, can change at any time, and in general opens a lot of tricky questions of how to manage it if it were to be an option. There is virtually no chance of streaming being allowed in the future.
Secondly, I wanted to stress that the #athios-content is strictly Athios related. If you have funny screenshots, art, videos, or streams that feature Athios you may post them in that channel. #community-content is not Athios related, but should not contain any Minecraft server related content.

The rules page has been updated.
Disturbing the peace Players who are found to be disturbing the peace, whether it is by being excessively rowdy or making other players uncomfortable, may be asked to tone it down. Not doing so may result in a mute! Keep in mind that this is not limited to just these two examples!

Toxic Behavior Athios does not approve of toxic behavior. Any overly negative attitudes, excessive complaining or arguing, or any other behavior that negatively impacts the server or community will not be welcome and will be met with a mute or removal from the server.

Thanks for playing on Athios. As always, more is planned for the future!

Back to School Update

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Image by @shadowstarcat, also known as annisdying

This update will be live on Saturday, August 8. Bee ready!


We'll start off the post with a showcase of some Exclusive Athios Art.

The Athios Store has been getting a makeover!

Enjoy this scenic take on one of our classic maps, Zenith by @Dave_X , reimagined by our resident artist @shadowstarcat

You might have also seen our VIP packages also by @shadowstarcat, infused with the Athios spirit with every purchase. Here it is in all its full glory!
Also check out her Twitch, where she sometimes streams her work for Athios!


We now have a custom bot. Fenix will now be managing roles. Current roles have been removed in preparation for this.

Use /verify ingame to start linking your Minecraft account to your Discord account, and follow the instructions from there!
This will give you the ranks you have ingame on Discord!

If you aren't in the Discord... What are you doing?? Get in! You can use this handy link: discord.athiosmc.com

Search and Destroy

The /stats command is now more than just functional. It’s actually readable!
Currently shows
  • Wins
  • Losses
  • Kills
  • Deaths
  • Highest Killstreak
  • Time Played

New death messages have been added. Live fast, die harder.

Minecart chests can no longer be opened in maps.

The Search and Destroy Hub has been updated. It’s super cool now.

Known Issue: Hit Delays/Damage Timing

There is a Minecraft issue where taking most damage (including fire or poison) will make players invulnerable to the enemy team. While we are looking into how to fix this, we may be waiting until 1.16.2 to see if it’s fixed by Mojang.



-Given a healthier diet: Increased starting health from 7 to 8 hearts
-Fourth wolf added to the crew
-More accurate death message when dying to a player’s wolf

On the cosmetic side...
-Added more love: A cosmetic has been added that allows for wolves to have random preset names.
-Wolf cosplays: Cosmetics have been added that visually change wolves to other mobs with a similar hitbox.
Find these new cosmetics in /prefs!

Supply Crates

-Rigged the rolls: 1 steak 1 pearl crates are a thing of the past
-The people we hired to drop the crates are now smarter about it


-Added brain. The brain was not previously in use. No questions.
-Will no longer stare at allies, ghosts, or spectators
-Immune to the wills of spectators. Refuses to be pushed around
-More accurate death message when dying to a player’s golem
-Should no longer make ghast noises when summoned


Fixed kit layout off-hand issues

Now shows credits at kit purchase menu

Buying or saving a kit will automatically select it for the current game

Kit Expiry - We’ll be rotating out certain kits in the future. Kits that are due to expire will have their prices adjusted accordingly and a notification in its description with its expiration date.

Kit Rotation?? - That’s right! As much as we’d like to, we can’t just keep adding and adding kits. It gets to be too much! The solution? Rotating other kits out. Please note that isn’t a permanent removal. Kits that are rotated out may return in the future, likely with balance changes or updates. On that note...

Bleeder - Will be rotated out August 22nd

Kit Updates:

- Deals less explosion damage to enemies when arrows are at very close proximity. Increased self-explosion radius. Explosion damage now reliant on arrow charge.
We’ll be keeping an eye on Burst with these new changes and may introduce additional changes if necessary.

Medic - Decreased delay between heals. Delays for Burst and Juggernaut remain the same.

Porcupine - No longer takes extra damage from poison.

Vampire - Soul eat radius increased by 1

Venom - Poison now prevents use of and being healed by healing items and effects. (Includes steak and golden apples)

Random kit - VIPs can now use this to play as a random kit (You can also use /kit random)

New Kit!

- A supportive kit that can heal, provide speed, and cleanse its allies through its banners, but is very weak defensively. Placed banners give nearby players a boost in effects and in morale! Take up arms with this kit for 600 credits or use a kit trial from voting to give it a try.


We’re really happy to see all the map submissions. Thanks to everyone out there who’s been building! We appreciate it.

If you didn’t see the post from the last update…
Bonsai, Ruptured Mantle, Solluna Town, Tropical Resort, and Voyager have all passed the testing phase!

Aztec and Delver’s Demise remain in the testing phase for now, pending further updates.

As for this wave… please welcome these maps to the Testing Phase!

This will bee revealed in the game itself! Buzz off!

If you have any feedback on maps currently in the testing phase, you are highly encouraged to leave a reply either on this thread or on the map’s respective submission post.

On another note…
Gardens has been removed, as has Four Stalk

And that’s it for this post! See you on the server!

Remember: The update will be live August 8

Map Testing - Wave 2

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Welcome to wave two of map submissions! Thank you to all the map authors for your generous time- consuming contributions towards making the Athios SnD experience better for our community. Whether or not your map is accepted, going into testing, or rejected, please know that we appreciate your dedication and hope all feedback given will be taken receptively, as we hope to help you all grow and develop your building skills while also making spectacular maps for the server.

Similar to the last map wave, we have two phases of map acceptance here at Athios. Before we fully accept a map, it must go through community testing. During this testing phase, we allow the community to get a taste of the map, and encourage feedback to be given so that we can truly determine whether or not the particular map is one that should be fully accepted into the server or not.

Unfortunately, some maps have been determined not to play the best. So it is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Tropical Resort. It will be missed, dearly. Especially by marines.

Anyway, here’s the maps in the testing phase!

Aztec, by @SirDodgy

Delver’s Demise, by @Dave_X

Bonsai, by @Espios @Elitemaster5 and @Waves

Ruptured Mantle, by @Mythless

Solluna Town, also by @Mythless

Voyager, also by @SirDodgy

Some extra notes:

Beanstalk now has an additional route leading through the roof. It also returns.

Uncle T's Family Farm has had some base updates for balancing.

Oh, also, new map: Tropical Resort, by Team Fenix.

That's it for today!
Remember: If you have any map feedback, leave it on this thread, on map submission thread itself, or let us and/or the authors know!

Athios - Now on 1.16!

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Hey gamers.

Athios is now using Minecraft version 1.16.1. That means you can no longer connect with 1.15!

If you've somehow forgotten the IP, or are new, here's the IP once more: play.athiosmc.com

We've also pushed out a bunch of kit updates, here's a changelog of everything that's fresh:

  • New Kit: Porcupine - 300 Credits - Thanks @Onett !
    A spiky fighter kit that excels against archers. It partially reflects all direct damage dealt to it. Each arrow stuck in its armor will increase the effectiveness!
  • Kit Re-Vamp(ire) - Spawns with 8 hearts. No longer gains hearts on kills. Can pick up the souls of nearby slain allies to gain 2 absorption hearts. This can stack to 3 rows of hearts.
  • Arbalist - The spectral arrow is refunded for missed shots.
  • Burst - Takes less self damage from its own explosions. Damage from shooting arrows remains unchanged.
  • Frost - Given +1 armor point to match iron, was previously less than iron. Frost main rejoice!
  • Marine - Boots are now consistent.
  • Spy - No longer appears at the bottom of tab team lists.
  • Explosions are more consistent - This affects every kit that can use explosions! (Burst, Demolitions, Explosive, and Trigger)
And yes, this does mean that the new nether blocks and biomes can now be used in maps! We look forward to seeing what's done with them.
On that note... We will be responding to current map submissions in the near future!

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