1.16 and Me

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Firstly, wanted to give a massive thanks to anyone who has donated in the first 2 weeks, it definitely exceeded my expectations and I can assure you will see it reinvested!

I plan to upgrade Athios to 1.16, which also means dropping 1.15 support.

Upgrading can sometimes be grueling, or sometimes can be easy. It looks like 1.16 won't have many issues or any at all. How long will it take? All depends. I expect to start testing within a week of its release.

As far as new features goes, I was focused on fixing bugs that didn't come up in the testing stage Due to the nature of a small amount of people to help with that, it was fairly reasonable to expect some bugs that just couldn't make it through. Thanks for everyone who reported bugs, that is greatly appreciated.

Now, you may've noticed I've also been balancing the game a bit. I apologize for the lack of an official changelog and sporadic updates and constantly changing things, it was mainly to get SnD to a place where I felt it was fun to play for new and veteran players. I think I've achieved that goal for the most part.

You can expect more features, kits, cosmetics after the 1.16 upgrade. I have a lot of ideas about how to utilize new features and other things I want to implement, stay tuned!

Week 2: SnD Updates & Maps

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Hello and welcome to the end of the second week here at AthiosMC!

Here’s a log of all the updates we’ve had throughout the week:

All Kits now have more updated descriptions
The Kit Layout menu now shows kit armor
Rotating Achievements now award fewer credits
Knockback has been improved to closely resemble that of 1.8.9
Poison Timer has been reduced to match the previous Nuke timer on 2 team maps

/vote will give you a list of websites you can vote for the server on!
Every vote will give you 7 credits. Additionally, you will receive a Free Kit Trial! This can be redeemed on any paid kit to access it for 30 minutes. You can only have one Trial at a time, so be sure to use it.

/tutorial will give you a link to a 60-second SnD tutorial. Use this to help new players get up to speed!

-Lost Wood, Stone, and Pickaxe
-Gained 10 Noteblocks

-Icon in kit menu is now an Arrow

-Now has Fire Aspect I, down from II

-Now has more consistent interactions when healing
-Heals Juggernaut slower than other kits
-Heals Burst much slower than other kits (Burst no longer has healing cooldown after shooting)

-Now operates with a healing pool. What does this mean? When you heal a player, you use up some energy! When it's out, you can't heal! Healing energy does replenish over time.


Last week, we accepted some community maps to be put into a testing phase, which was to see how well gameplay worked on them and to gain community thoughts on them as well! We have taken this feedback and have rated each map individually, separating the maps into three distinct categories:

  • Accepted
With positive community and staff feedback, we have decided to accept the map! Congratulations! The authors will be given their rewards soon!
  • Needs further testing (with changes made)
The map in its current state is definitely workable, but due to feedback received from community and staff members we believe there are some changes that need to be made to the map to enhance its gameplay. These changes are relatively small and shouldn’t be too difficult to implement. The map will be kept in the rotation for extended testing, under the assumption that the mapmaker will work with the staff team to make the necessary edits.
  • Rejected
Unfortunately, due to community and staff feedback, we do not believe that the map is viable in its current state, and its errors are more inherent to the core map design.

So, now that the criteria is out of the way, let us take a look at all the maps we had in community testing!

Busy Bazaar - Accepted

Chronofield -
While this map has a great concept, it unfortunately doesn’t have the best gameplay. Several paths are both out of the way and slower than the main path, leaving them with little point (even if they’re super cool). Additionally, the community did not enjoy playing on this map. So, unfortunately, this map will not pass the testing phase.

While the map didn’t execute the concept as well as hoped, we’d love to see the theme reattempted by the author in the future! It has a lot of potential, and the unique concept of the map is what made it stand out amongst other maps.

Crystal Cavern - Accepted

Keeps - This map has undergone some very positive changes since its original submission. However, the one recurring issue seen in gameplay is the openness of the middle leading to players spreading out and avoiding fights. The addition of more hedge walls/other obstacles to funnel players toward mid would lead to larger engagements and more exciting games.

Nevermore - Accepted

Uncle T's Family Farm -
This map has had a lot of updates to balance the team’s bases, but Green/Purple still feel better than Red/Blue. We’d like to see additional updates to the bases to balance them, or try out random team colors to mitigate this problem.

Perfect Balance - Ironically enough, it is very much not Perfectly Balanced. While blue’s side has water, allowing for both another way of ascending and a safe way of rapidly descending, red has nothing but lava. The base tops are already rather plain and flat for how often fights happen on top. The map author has not done enough to address these issues and is not planning on doing so, so this map did not pass the testing phase.

Station Stand-Up - This map played bad sorry @Martoph (don't hurt us!)

Vertigo - Accepted

has also been removed due to the mapmaker's request.

Look forward to the next wave of maps sometime in the “near” future! (Soon™)

Athios Guest Creator Announcement

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Hey everybody, we have some big news: The YouTuber JustDash will be streaming on Athios this Friday at 7pm EST! Be sure to come join us then and see how you do against a professional PvPer! In the meantime, feel free to check out her content here:

JustDash YouTube
JustDash Twitch

As always, let’s be sure to give her and her viewers a warm welcome to our community. See you all on Friday!

Week 1: Discord, Maps, and Updates

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Hello, and welcome to the end of the first week at Athios!

For this post, we’ll go over all the balance changes that have been made and list all the new maps that will be added to the testing phase!

But first, an important announcement: We now have a Discord! Join us! Join us. Join us.
Any updates/changelogs will be immediately posted in this Discord. We’ll be doing a bunch of other things in there as well!

You can join here using this link: https://discord.gg/ECG5HEp
Share with your friends if you'd like,

On the topic of advertising... We've been making the effort to reach out and contact several content creators. Stay tuned!

Kits and other updates:

-The kit layout is now organized to show owned kits first
-Map picker/rotation made more random
-Nukes now only spawn on 4 team maps
-/sellkit now asks you to confirm your choice and tells you the refund amount

  • Melee damage increased from 2.5 hearts to 3
  • Melee damage in water increased from 4 hearts to 5
  • Thrown trident damage decreased from 7 hearts to 5
  • Thrown trident cooldown increased from 2 to 3 seconds
  • Riptide made more consistent
    Now has Feather Falling II
Marine is meant to make choices about when and where to throw its tridents. The prior cooldown of 2 seconds barely left it vulnerable. 3 seconds can feel like an eternity at times, so we’ll be seeing how this feels to play as and against.

Sacrificial has been removed and owners refunded

Sacrificial is a controversial kit. It feels unfair or oppressive to its enemies, while the user themself lives in constant fear. If the kit was made too easy to kill, there would be no point in playing it. If the kit was made too hard to kill, it would be incredibly oppressive to fight against. It is impossible to balance to feel fair to both sides without major reworks.

Medic no longer spams “You can heal this person in x seconds” on Bursts

Wraith’s bow cooldown reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second
Wraith struggles to find a place to be a useful asset to its team. Allowing it to fire faster should let it contribute more to fights.

Burst’s bow nerfed to Power I from Power II
Burst’s bow was too oppressive due to its high direct damage and moderate splash damage. Changing it to Power I will still reward it for accuracy while not making it a better Shortbow.

Demolitions’ Landmine detonation timer reduced from 0.7 seconds to 0.4 seconds
There were multiple complaints that Demo’s landmine did not do enough damage to those who stepped on one. This change ensures that whoever so steps on one will be sure to take a major amount of damage without changing the explosion radius or increasing the damage.

Juggernaut now takes 30% less damage, down from 40%. Medics heal this kit slower and less effectively.
Jugg has had quite a few complaints. We’ll be monitoring its state post-nerf to see how this affects the kit before any further changes.

Spy now has an Enderpearl and Unbreaking I
This will allow Spy to better infiltrate and blend in with the enemy team

-Current known issues with Spy and Skinner should be resolved
-Teleporter should no longer turn players to ghosts

Known Priority Issues:
-There is a bug related to 1.15 where players may be seen in a state they are not in, such as sneaking, swimming, or sprinting. This is mostly visual, but affects Ghost as it may have sprint particles appear when it is not sprinting.
This is likely to be caused by sneaking and sprinting at the same time.


A whole bunch of maps will be added tomorrow, Friday June 12th. Consider them in the Testing phase!
While in the Testing phase, maps aren’t considered “fully accepted.” This means that the rewards will not be granted to the creators… yet.

Feedback for maps should be left as a reply to this thread. The creators can then change or update their maps based on this feedback.

New Maps - Testing Phase

Busy Bazar
, by OnettOnslaught and Lexplosion
Chronofield, by Mythless
Crystal Cavern, by Team Fenix
Four Stalk, a 4 team variant of Beanstalk
Hemispheres, an updated version of the map by Giovani and Ruttedbus62940 (+ a 4 team variant)
Keeps, by SirDodgy
Nevermore, by Dave_X and daveandnick
Uncle T's Family Farm, by Triggs9009 and Elacain
Perfect Balance, a complete revamp by WetUnderwear
Soaked Britches, a 4 team variant of Wet Britches
Station Stand-Up, by Martoph
Vertigo, by Giovani

Map Updates

[REDACTED] Laboratories
- Now has more cover at the map’s center
Beanstalk - The house interiors have been completely redone! The bomb room keeps the familiar essentials. A mechanic has climbed the Beanstalks.
Ishras - Walls have been added and the dome around the middle gem has been removed.
Rival Castles - The main stairs have been changed and an additional jump up to the bomb tower is now possible.
Apex Expanse - Removed due to higher map standards.
Courtyard - Removed due to creator's request
Floating Isles - Has been removed due to poor gameplay and unbalanced bases.

Please leave your feedback for these maps here!

Busy Bazaar, by OnettOnslaught and Lexplosion

Chronofield, by Mythless

Crystal Caverns, by Team Fenix

Four Stalk, a 4 team variant of Beanstalk

Hemispheres, an updated version of the map by Giovani and Ruttedbus62940

Keeps, by SirDodgy

Nevermore, by Dave_X and daveandnick

Uncle T's Family Farm, by Triggs9009 and Elacain

Perfect Balance, a complete revamp by WetUnderwear

Soaked Britches, a 4 team variant of Wet Britches

Station Stand-Up, by Martoph

Vertigo, by Giovani

Day One: Launch and Updates

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Hey everyone!

Thanks for joining us for our first day! It was...quite a bit larger than expected 😅

We appreciate you bearing with us through our lag and bugs, and we’re continuing to improve as we go. We know one issue in particular has been credits earned/kit cost. We’re working on re-tuning the credit economy to make the game even more fun and rewarding. We are very aware of the time it takes to accumulate credits and are working on solutions. As of right now, games have a 3/5 credit award for losses/wins respectively, and scrolling achievements will award credits instead of points. We are still looking into other changes we can make.

Kit Updates
  • Berserker. Berserker once again has 2 steak to balance out their lower armor.
  • Medic. Medic now does not get absorption hearts from its golden apples. This is because medics can be surprisingly hard to kill for how important they are!
  • Barricader. Barricader blocks now only damage players in a line of sight.
  • Warper. Warper can no longer warp through teammates. Additionally, whenever it uses a teleporter, the blocks before using that teleporter will be set as invalid spots. This should prevent unexpected warps and warps that leave players trapped in certain map spots.
  • Burst. Burst has been suffering from choosing between living and using its core ability. To make it more fun to use, users can now be healed by Medics 10 seconds after not shooting any arrows.
  • New Kits! While we want to perfect what we currently have, look forward to new kits in the not too distant future!
These changes may not immediately be reflected ingame, but will be added in the next few days!
We currently working on resolving the issues with Spy, Skinner, and Teleporter. Thank you for your bug reports!

Map Updates
  • Map Rotation. Map selection is random to give each map a chance at being played, and the same map won’t be played twice in a row. There were several instances of maps being played repeatedly, but this issue has been fixed and you’ll be seeing more maps!.
  • Four-Team Maps. Lost Kingdoms is the only 4-team map currently, however it was removed due to a bug which caused the Nuke to fall out of the map. This has been resolved and the map added back in. We are also looking to add other 4-team maps. Bigger Wet Britches, maybe coming to a server near you...
  • Map Cycling. Maps will be cycled in and out of rotation periodically to keep the rotation fresh. Expect some new maps coming in for the next update!
  • Map Submissions. Expect responses soon! We’ll be trying out a testing phase for new maps as well, where the community can leave feedback on a dedicated thread.

Other Notes
  • Player Lag. Lag was mainly due to the amount of players, which was more than we expected! We had 84 players at the peak and 207 unique players! We are working on implementing 60 player max games, since lag only seems to appear when player count is over 60.
  • Arrow Lag. The above lag fix should also fix issues with crossbows, bows, and tridents that were occurring during the player peaks.
  • Nuke Timer. The Nuke has been adjusted to spawn at 7 minutes, rather than 5. This should allow ample time for the game to happen before the anti-camp mechanic kicks in.
  • Selling Kits. For those experiencing regrets in life, or are victim to impulsive purchases, fear not. The /sellkit command has returned, allowing you to sell a kit you’ve bought for a large portion of the buying price, which will be affected by how long you’ve had the kit.
  • Bug Reports. We want to stress that staff are not the people to be DM’d about bugs, and that bugs you find should be reported to the bug reports section immediately! Don’t worry about recording video, sometimes screenshots are enough (though do use video if you can).

We’ve got a lot more planned, and this is just the start! Thanks for sticking around and believing in us :)

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